Fortnite's Ukraine Fundraiser Just Hit A Huge Milestone

"Fortnite" creator Epic Games is dedicating 100% of the game's proceeds from March to humanitarian relief during the war in Ukraine. Epic began raising money toward the war support effort on March 19, and, as of March 29, it officially passed the $100 million mark. The popularity of "Fortnite" makes it a shoo-in to quickly raise a ton of capital, since players are often compelled to spend real-world money on in-game "V-Bucks" which can unlock the current season's battle pass in addition to all kinds of interesting weapon skins, outfits, and emotes. 

Epic Games states that any real-currency purchases and subscriptions made between March 19 and April 3 are directed to organizations such as Direct Relief, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations World Food Programme, and others of similar intent. The official "Fortnite" Twitter account also revealed that the company is working directly with Chef José Andres' World Central Kitchen. Creators are paid out directly by Epic Games during this time, while proceeds earned by "Fortnite" are directed entirely toward the cause. 

Epic Games is sending the relief funds as fast as they can

In Epic Games' FAQ section about its relief efforts for Ukraine, it specified that the company is sending the funds it receives as soon as possible. "We're not waiting for the actual funds to come in from our platform and payment partners, which can take a while depending on how the transaction was processed," the page reveals. Epic says it's sending the funds "within days" and is logging transactions as their reported. The company clarified that players' purchases are not considered deductible donations for tax purposes.

It seems like recent changes added by the "Fortnite" Chapter 3, Season 2 update are now set into stone, especially since the biggest change — the loss of players' ability to build walls and staircases in the middle of public 100-person Battle Royale-style skirmishes — has officially been given a name: "Zero Build mode." This update and its has become a point of contention between old and new fans, some of the former feeling pushed aside. However, it seems like enough new fans are finally feeling welcomed into "Fortnite" to justify the changes. Arguably, "Fortnite" had a higher skill gap prior to the update than many were comfortable with until the once-pivotal building feature was removed from public matchmaking.