How Fortnite's Chapter 3, Season 2 Update Completely Changes The Game

The controversial building mechanic that's underpinned Epic Games' multi-billion dollar video game, "Fortnite," is no longer a part of the game. Sort of. All matchmade sessions of the ever-popular Battle Royale mode — which only accounts for a chunk of what "Fortnite" offers — will no longer allow any of its 100 consecutive players to build their way out of a tight shootout while vying to be the last person (or team) standing. So if you're an old-school gamer who's been sitting on the fence about whether to hop into a Duos or Squad match, the time is nigh.

Introduced in the brand-new "Fortnite" Chapter 3, Season 2 reveal, a new Overshield meter sits on top of your regular shield and health bars, and it provides a different type of cover than the improvised walls and staircases that players could previously plop right onto the map, instead prioritizing tight movement rather than compelling you to gather enough resources to construct a pop-up steel fortress when things get hairy. The new Overshield also regenerates on its own over time, which means players won't need to spend extra time hunting for Overshield juice between firefights.

Fans of the building system in "Fortnite" don't need to worry about it being lost forever; this update only replaced the building mechanic in regular matches. Creative and competitive modes still have it, bolts and all.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 makes major changes to movement

Overshields aside, there's a lot of new stuff to look at in this new update. The second biggest change regards how each player moves around the map. By default, everyone is able to run much faster, which also means that toggling the Sprint button accelerates your character much further as well. To accompany the change, Epic Games decided to add a Sprint meter, which runs out after sprinting for too long. Since everybody in "Fortnite" can move faster, they may as well also be able to do a little parkour, as a treat. Characters can now mantle over obstacles, given that they're able to reach the aforementioned obstacles with their hands.

Anyone can also shoulder-bash their way through doors now; just as long as they're sprinting when they approach the door they'd like to bash open. Epic Games has added a few newly unvaulted weapons along with the update, which are now available at your disposal in any match. These are the Drum Shotgun, Revolver, and Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, just to name a few. New weapons added in the "Fortnite" Chapter 3, Season 2 update include the Combat SMG and Striker Burst Rifle.

You can find the rest of the "Fortnite" Chapter 3, Season 2 patch notes on Epic Games' official website.