Apple's M2 iPad Pro Tipped For Reveal This Fall

Apple may be working on a new version of the iPad Pro, and it looks like this could be the product's next major upgrade. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman wrote in his weekly Power On newsletter that the next iPad Pro will allegedly arrive this fall equipped with the yet-unreleased Apple M2 chip. The M1 chip was a success for Apple, and it's safe to assume the M2 will give the iPad Pro a performance boost, helping set it apart from the competition.

The company recently held its "Peek Performance" event during which it announced a host of new devices. Ranging from the Mac Studio to the updated iPhone SE (which we've already reviewed), there has been plenty in store for Apple enthusiasts, but a few staples were very visibly missing from the lineup, including the next-generation iPad Pro. As Apple typically reveals major products two or three times a year, Gurman's expectation that the iPad Pro may arrive anytime between September and November is not a large stretch at all.

The fact a new iPad Pro may be in the works is perhaps less exciting than the mention of the highly-anticipated M2 chip. After the great performance delivered by Apple's first own silicon, the M1, the hype for the M2 is definitely real. What can we expect from this chip and from the new iPad Pro itself?

The first significant upgrade since 2018

Apple's M2 chip, whenever it arrives, will usher in the next generation of Apple silicon. However, that doesn't mean the base M2 will beat the newly-released, unquestionably beastly, M1 Ultra. Much like the current lineup, we will probably see the M2 as a more basic system on a chip (SoC) that will eventually be followed by other variants. When it comes to the M1 variants, those chips are called the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and the aforementioned M1 Ultra. However, Apple hasn't said much about the M2 just yet, so all we can do is speculate.

The iPad Pro was upgraded to Apple silicon in May 2021, but considering how popular the product is, it's not a surprise to hear Apple may be prioritizing it for another refresh. There's more: Gurman notes the last time the iPad Pro received a significant upgrade was in 2018. That's a very long time, so huge updates are overdue.

We'll have to wait to hear from Apple

Aside from the chip upgrade, Gurman predicts the new iPad Pro may support MagSafe charging. Of course, these are still just predictions, but he has a solid track record. In 2021, Gruman claimed the new iPad Pro will come with wireless charging and a glass backing. Rumors are split in this regard, with some of them implying the device may have an aluminum backing instead.

Once the M2 chip is released, Apple will likely want to add it to a wider range of products. Gurman predicts the new Mac Mini, 24-inch iMac, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro will all receive the M2 chip, which will reportedly have eight cores. There's the question of whether the new MacBook Air will also get an M2 upgrade, and while Gurman thinks so, another Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, disagrees and bets on the M1.

Apple, of course, hasn't commented on any of these claims and we'll have to wait for its fall event to see which rumors pan out.