Comcast Stream Saver Bundle: What's Included, And Is It A Good Deal?

The streaming wars have led to numerous corporate team-ups and service bundles. That has, of course, left even the best streamers on the market looking similar to the very media conglomerates they were expected to vanquish. Not surprisingly, it's also opened the door for those cable and internet conglomerates to get in on the bundling action, with Comcast/Xfinity being the latest to offer a streaming deal of its own. The company's Stream Saver package will become available to Comcast subscribers on May 29, 2024, for an additional $15/month.

The bundle will pack an impressive lineup of streaming services as well:  Netflix, Apple TV+, and Peacock. The last service is hardly a surprising presence, with Comcast having acquired NBC Universal (who owns and operates Peacock) in a $30 billion deal in 2011. As for Netflix, though it still boasts a solid lineup of original programming, increased competition and regular price-hikes have left the company fighting to keep its once dominant market share. Bundling deals like Stream Saver open new and potentially vital revenue streams.

The Comcast deal may prove huge for Apple TV+, too. The streamer is still growing its brand with an impressive list of original films and series, even as it lags behind competitors in monthly subscribers. All in, Stream Saver appears to be an impressive package. The real question is whether the bundle is a legitimately good deal for consumers.

The bundle could offer notable streaming savings to Comcast subscribers

Despite the obvious money-saving appeal of the Stream Saver package, it's worth noting that this particular bundle will only be available with a subscription to Comcast Cable or Xfinity Internet. The good news is that the deal is also open to new subscribers, so if you've been considering signing up for Comcast services, the bundle could be a deal-sealer.

With numerous packages in play for Comcast/Xfinity services, some research may be required to determine how much you want to spend every month, and whether or an additional $15 is make-or-break territory. You might even consider signing up for the budget-friendly NowTV Comcast subscription tier, which can be bundled with Stream Saver for just $30 per month. If, however, you're already shelling out for Comcast services or are comfortable paying the monthly fees for a new sub, the bundle could definitely live up to its name — particularly if you're already paying for Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+ individually.

For a point of reference, subscriptions to those services will run you $6.99, $5.99, and $9.99 respectively on the low end, with Netflix offering more expensive plans sans advertisements. At the base level, three individual subs come to $22.99, with the proposed bundle offering almost $8/month in savings. Spread out over a year, that comes to almost $100, which is hardly insignificant for consumers who've come to prize home entertainment in today's inflation-plagued economy. But with a handful of solid free streaming options also in play, the biggest question facing potential Stream Saver subscribers is whether they'll use the bundled services enough to justify the cost.