About Mopar OEM Parts For Jeep

The Jeep brand was created by Willys-Overland to sell civilian versions of the Quad it built for the Army during World War II. The Jeep badge was made more prominent when Kaiser Industries absorbed Willys in 1953, and continued to grow in popularity, leading Kaiser to rebrand as Kaiser Jeep in 1963. Seven years later, it sold the Jeep badge to American Motors. Chrysler acquired AMC and all its holdings in 1987, and Fiat Chrysler merged with the Peugeot Group a few years ago to form Stellantis. Jeep sold the 5 millionth Wrangler to a New Jersey customer in 2023, and in that year, it was the eighth best-selling auto brand in the United States with about 640,000 units sold. 

All those vehicles require parts to be kept running properly, and it's always best to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. With the Jeep badge being passed around like a corporate hot potato over the past 70-plus years, it's natural to wonder who makes OEM parts for Jeep. Mopar has been Chrysler's parts division since 1937, when it was formed to sell antifreeze. The Mopar brand initially covered Chrysler, Dodge, Ram Trucks (now Ram), Imperial, and DeSoto. 

Who sells OEM Jeep parts?

Chrysler dumped DeSoto in 1960 and absorbed Imperial in the mid-'70s. AMC and Jeep came under the Mopar banner in 1987, and Fiat joined the Chrysler clan when Fiat bought a 35% stake in Chrysler in 2009.

Mopar.com sells Fiat components alongside Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep parts, but the Peugeot group labels (Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, DS, and Vauxhall) are absent. If you want genuine Jeep parts and don't have a 2024 model, you don't have to visit the Mopar website or your local Jeep dealership. Omix-ADA is an official OEM Jeep parts supplier and has a catalog of nearly 20,000 parts it distributes to almost 100 countries. Omix carries parts for Jeeps from the original 1941 Willys MA and MB to the 2023 Wrangler and Gladiator and ships them from its warehouse facility in Suwanee, Georgia.

You can also buy genuine Mopar parts at OEM Parts Online, which is the web outlet for RevolutionParts and also sells OEM parts for more than a dozen other leading auto brands. Another option for OEM Jeep parts is Just For Jeeps, the online parts counter for Central Jeep in Norwood, Massachusetts.