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The Best Milwaukee Power Tool Combo Kits And Why People Love Them

It's the norm for major tool brands to create proprietary interchangeable batteries that can be swapped out and used for a wide range of different products. While this locks you into a brand's ecosystem, it's hard to deny how convenient it is to reduce the amount of batteries and chargers you need for your tool collection. If you're shopping for multiple new power tools, Milwaukee Tool offers dozens of different combo kits that combine multiple products into a single package. This makes it easier to purchase, and you can be assured that all the cordless tools in the kit are compatible with the same batteries — which are often included in these kits, along with chargers.

Here are some of the best Milwaukee power tool kits available, and what makes them stand apart from others for many customers. Also included is each kit's specific product number, so you don't accidentally end up purchasing a similar kit that isn't the exact one you'd like.

M12 Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee's M12 Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit is a perfect starter set if you're not in the market for anything too advanced. Milwaukee customers love this particular kit not despite it being relatively basic, but because of it. Whether you're testing out the Milwaukee brand before committing to bigger and pricier kits, or just looking for a couple of multipurpose tools to have at the ready in a small home or guesthouse, this simple kit stands out by keeping it simple. It comes with two tools: an M12 3/8" Drill/Driver and an M12 1/4" Hex Impact Driver. Between the two of them, you'll be able to take care of most of your basic screwing and drilling needs, especially in tighter spaces. Also included in the kit are two M12 1.5 Ah batteries that work with either tool, a charger, and a contractor bag that can fit both the driver and the drill.

Because these tools are part of Milwaukee's M12 system, the batteries are a little cheaper, a little smaller, and charge a little quicker than their M18 counterparts. While 12 volts should be enough for any quick odds-and-ends tasks you may need the tools for, if you're planning on more advanced work or need to run the cordless tools for a lengthier period of time, then you'll want to go with an M18 kit instead. The Milwaukee M12 Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit has the product number 2494-22 and is available on Amazon for $148.

M18 Fuel 2-Tool Hammer Drill & Impact Driver w/ One-Key Combo Kit

Milwaukee is bringing tool collections into the 21st century with its One-Key system, which gives each One-Key tool a Bluetooth connection that allows you to keep track of it, as well as organize and customize your set through a smartphone app. Not all tools — or combo kits — are currently equipped with native One-Key compatibility, which is why fans of Milwaukee's proprietary tech have nothing but love for the M18 Fuel 2-Tool Hammer Drill & Impact Driver w/ One-Key Combo Kit. The kit features a 1/2" Hammer Drill and 1/4" Hex Impact Driver and comes with a belt clip, side handle, and bit holder. It also includes an M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Ah Battery with extended capacity, which gives it a big boost in power, runtime, and number of recharges.

The One-Key integration helps this combo kit stand out, but if you already own a hammer drill or impact driver, it probably won't be worth purchasing — especially since you can buy One-Key tags and manually attach them to tools you already have, effectively making them "smart tools" anyway. But if you are looking for a new hammer drill and impact driver, you should opt for the One-Key options and get both with this kit. Milwaukee's M18 Fuel 2-Tool Hammer Drill & Impact Driver w/ One-Key Combo Kit, which has the product number 2996-22, retails for $519.94 but is currently discounted on Amazon for $439.99.

M18 16-Tool Combo Kit

If you don't want to bother with the hassle of selecting and buying individual tools, especially if you're building a new collection from scratch, then Milwaukee's massive M18 16-Tool Combo Kit is the perfect option. As the name implies, all 16 tools run on Milwaukee's powerful 18-volt batteries and can be powered by the four included extended-capacity REDLITHIUM units that are included. Plus, the combo kit comes with a Six Pack Sequential Charger, which can charge the XC batteries in an hour, as well as three contractor bags for portable storage. 

The M18 tools that make up the kit are a 1/2" Compact Hammer Drill/Driver, 1/4" Hex Impact Driver, 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench with Pin Detent, 1/2" High-Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring, Right Angle Drill, 5/8 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer, Sawzall Recip Saw, 6.5" Circular Saw, Cut-off/Grinder, Random Orbit Sander, and Compact Blower, plus a Cordless Fan, LED Work Light, 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac, and Milwaukee's Jobsite Radio.

With so much included, there's a chance you may already own some of these tools, or have no use for them. In that case, you'll want to go with a smaller, more specific, and decidedly less expensive combo kit. But if you've got a need for most or all of these products, you might as well buy them in one fell swoop. The Milwaukee M18 16-Tool Combo Kit has the product number 2695-16, but it isn't yet available on Amazon (though it is from other retailers). However, the discontinued 15-Tool Combo Kit that it's replacing is still in stock on Amazon for $3,599.95.

M18 10-Piece Combo Kit

If you're looking for a large combo kit with several Milwaukee tools, but don't need to go all out and buy everything that's included in the massive 16-piece set, the Milwaukee M18 10-piece Combo Kit is a solid choice that many Milwaukee customers have found to be a happy medium. It includes a Compact 1/2" Drill/Driver, 1/4" Hex Impact Driver, Right Angle Drill, Hackzall One-Handed Reciprocating Saw, 4.5" Cut-Off/Grinder, Oscillating Multi-Tool, 6.5" Circular Saw, 1/2" High-Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring, Compact Blower, Work Light, and two contractor bags, as well as an M18 1.5 Ah battery, 3.0 Ah battery, and a multi-voltage charger.

The combo kit is a compromise between too many and too few tools, so depending on your specific needs, you may end up with tools you'll never use, or find yourself lacking the ones you require. But the middle-of-the-road option is there if it suits you. Milwaukee's M18 10-Piece Combo Kit has the product number 2695-10CX and is available at Home Depot for a little under $749.

M12 Screwdriver with LED Light and 40-Piece Bit Set

One problem with combo sets is that they'll often include items you already own and are unnecessarily paying for. That's why people love the specificity of Milwaukee's M12 Screwdriver with LED Light and 40-Piece Bit Set. By focusing on screw work, the kit gives you nearly everything you need for tasks at home or work that require a screwdriver. The included 1/4" Hex Impact Driver and Work Light are both M12 products, which isn't an issue since neither really requires the power of Milwaukee's 18-volt tech. The driver can produce 175 lb-in of torque, which is enough for many tough materials. Plus, it's smaller and lightweight than M18 drivers. Combined with the LED work light, which can rotate 90 degrees and has a magnetic back that allows you to set it in a stationary position, this kit is great for working and seeing what you're doing in tight spots.

However, the tools won't last as long on a charge as they would with M18 batteries, which means this kit might not be ideal for lengthier tasks. In addition to the driver and work light, the combo kit includes a 40-piece bit set, an M12 1.5 Ah battery and accompanying charger, and a contractor bag to carry everything. The Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver with LED Light and 40-piece Bit Set has the product number 2482-22 and is available at Home Depot for $119.