Official Xbox Series X Console Wraps Are Here, Starting With A 'Starfield' One

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The Xbox Series X has been out for nearly three years, so it wouldn't be surprising if a lot of owners have gotten tired of staring at the same old plain-looking console for countless hours. If you're looking to give your system a cosmetic facelift that makes it feel like something new — or just want to change up the look of your gaming setup — you can now take advantage of new official console wraps Microsoft will soon be releasing for the Xbox Series X.

While there have been plenty of third-party customization options for Xbox from third parties like Razer, this is the first time Microsoft is offering its own skins for the current-gen Xbox. That means you can be confident the wraps will perfectly conform to the Xbox design, without hindering performance by blocking airflow needed to keep it from running hot. The wraps are made with solid core panels layered with specialized fabric finishes, with silicone on the interior to keep them secure. They'll also be easy to apply, eschewing the need for tools or adhesives by using Velcro.

Currently, the official skins are only available for the Xbox Series X, which is one more reason Series S owners may want to upgrade. Pre-orders for the official Xbox wraps, which will be available October 18, start today. Three designs are currently available: a white and gray Arctic Camo, a blue and purple Mineral Camo, and an official tie-in wrap for the upcoming Bethesda game "Starfield," with matching controller designs available for each style (sold separately). The camo designs are available for $44.99, while the "Starfield" wrap costs $45.99. Considering the hype surrounding the highly-anticipated RPG, the premium price isn't a surprise.

The 'Starfield' wrap joins other accessories to promote the Xbox game

Not only can the "Starfield" console wrap be paired with a matching controller, but a branded headset is available as well, allowing gamers to fully kit out their Xbox with the aesthetic of the upcoming RPG. The game is the first title in over 25 years to be set in a new universe from Bethesda Game Studios, which developed "The Elder Scrolls" and "Fallout." That long wait has a lot to do with the high level of anticipation leading up to the September 6 release of "Starfield," a single-player, space-based RPG. The game will be available for Xbox Series X|S and PC on Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as available on day one on Game Pass.

The "Starfield" wrap transforms the Xbox Series X into an on-board avionics module, turning your gaming room into the cockpit of an interstellar starship. Important console ports, buttons, and components are accentuated with printed designs on the skin. The power button is highlighted by the colorful ribbon of the Constellation, the spacefaring organization at the heart of "Starfield."

For the full "Starfield" aesthetic, you can pair the Xbox Series X wrap with the matching limited edition controller and headset, each sold separately. The sleek-looking headset is white and red, with similar printed designs to the wrap, and costs $124.99. The wireless controller costs $79.99 and sports the Constellation logo, and has a gorgeous white, red, and bronze style in line with the other branded accessories. Both the controller and headset quickly sold out ahead of the game's launch, so if you're looking to get the matching Xbox Series X wrap, you should pre-order as soon as possible.