10 Best Budget Android Tablets Under $200

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Tablets are an increasingly common way for people to access digital content and get online. Depending on the model you choose, a tablet can be anything from a toy for entertaining kids on long car rides to a high-end device comparable to many laptops and desktops.

Tablets combine the functionality of a home computer and give it the portability of a smartphone. They're perfect for slipping into a bag on the go, giving you ready access to your files and content. They're also great for reading, watching video content, or gaming. After all, you're only a Wi-Fi connection away from having the entire internet at your fingertips. 

While the best high-end tablets, like Apple's iPad lineup or Microsoft's Surface 2-in-1 line, come with all manner of cool features and functionalities, they also come with a pretty steep price tag. A fully decked-out iPad Pro or Surface Pro will run you well over $1,000, and that's before you add the peripheral accessories needed to take full advantage of those devices.

Fortunately, you can get a reliable entry-level tablet for under $200. These Android-powered tablets, presented in no particular order, will keep you or your kids connected and entertained on the go — all without breaking the bank.

Nokia T20

Nokia has been a trusted name in mobile technology for decades, and they're known for making affordable gadgets that last a long time. This means that you can put this tablet into the hands of a child without too much worry that it will be catastrophically damaged. A little sticky? Maybe.

At the time of this writing, the Nokia T20 is on sale for $179.66 and you'll get a pretty solid machine in exchange. The Nokia T20 runs Android 11 and comes with 64GB of built-in internal storage for housing all of your personal files. You can read books or articles, watch movies, and surf the web on its 10-inch screen.

With heavy use, you'll get an average of seven hours out of the battery, but you're likely to get more than that on an average day. It takes 10 hours of video content or 15 hours of web surfing to drain the battery, which should be more than enough to get you back to an outlet. Best of all, the T20 features Google Kids Space, which offers curated kid-friendly content, so you can hand over the tablet without needing to look over your kid's shoulder the whole time.

Zonko 2-in-1

Zonko's 2023 offering is proof that you don't need to compromise all of the bells and whistles just to keep the budget down. The Zonko 2023 2-in-1 will only cost you $189.99, and it comes with everything you might need for a comprehensive on-the-go computing experience.

The tablet itself has 4GB of RAM, runs Android 11, and has 128GB of internal storage right out of the box. You can upgrade the storage capacity up to a terabyte with a separately purchased SD card. The rear-facing 13MP camera is perfect for snapping photos and video and the 5MP front-facing camera is suitable for video chatting. It's also equipped with Face ID for locking and unlocking, something which is often lacking from comparable machines.

The 2023 Zonko comes packaged with a protective case, wireless keyboard, mouse, stylus, and micro-USB to USB OTG converter, allowing you to use it the way you might use a laptop. You'll have plenty of time to play with all of those functions, thanks to the 7,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. It's a great option If you're looking for an all-in-one solution that won't have you running to the store for accessories.

Lenovo Tab M9

The Tab M9 from Lenovo retails for $149.99, a modest price for a modest machine. Some of the specs are a little lower than you'd like to see in this level of device but it can handle ordinary everyday use like surfing the web, playing games, and watching video content.

This tablet runs on the Android 12 OS and has an 8MP rear camera alongside a 5MP front-facing camera for video calls and snapping awkward tablet selfies. RAM and internal storage are also middling, at 3GB and 32GB, respectively. Of course, you could always expand the storage capacity with an SD card purchased separately.

Despite the Tab M9's moderate technical specifications, it is equipped with facial recognition and an Octa Core processor, capable of running games or video content, displayed on a 9-inch HD screen. The 5,100 mAh lithium-ion battery can keep those videos running for up to 13 hours between charges. You'll also receive an included folio case, which folds into a kickstand in the back for easily propping your tablet during viewing sessions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

While the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite wasn't intended specifically for use by children, it was designed with kids in mind. Outfitted with a robust metal frame, it's built to withstand bumps and falls from kids who haven't yet developed full control of their musculature. Despite its strength, it still manages to still be sleek and lightweight.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite weighs in at four-fifths of a pound, light enough to comfortably carry in a pocket, provided your pockets are large enough. It's also slim, measuring just less than a third of an inch thick, but it's nearly five inches wide and more than eight inches tall, too big for all but the most impressive pockets. Those dimensions leave you with an 8.7-inch screen, measured diagonally.

While this tablet comes in a small package, it packs a big punch. You can expand its 32GB of internal storage up to 1TB with an SD card, and Samsung's One UI technology makes moving files and information between your tablet and other Samsung devices a breeze. Like most tablets, the basic model relies on a Wi-Fi connection for online content, but there is a cellular version. Slot in a SIM card and you'll have internet access anywhere inside the coverage area.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Amazon got into the tablet game a few years earlier than others because it had a niche. It might be hard to remember, considering the behemoth Amazon has become, but once upon a time they were pretty focused on books, and so were their tablets. Their first tablet-style machine was the early Kindle which was first released in 2007, three years before the first iPad would really breathe life into the tablet space.

As tablets became more common, Amazon launched the Kindle Fire in 2011, which was still primarily an eReader but offered a color screen and a wider array of functions. More than a decade since that first Fire tablet, Amazon has distanced the Fire from its eReader roots, ditching the Kindle moniker altogether and rebranding the product line to Amazon Fire.

The Fire 8 Plus was released in September 2022 and offers 32 or 64GB for internal storage, so there's plenty of room for books, should you decide to use it as an eReader. It's not really intended for photography or video, but it does have front and rear-facing cameras, with 2 and 5 MP resolution, respectively. It's also capable of shifting into Show Mode, during which it becomes a full-screen Alexa-enabled assistant. The Fire HD 8 Plus retails for $134.99, and you can save $15.00 in exchange for your tablet displaying ads on the screen when you're not using it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A8 just flies under our price limit at $195.00, but it's also one of the more impressive offerings. The Galaxy Tab A8 is better than most of its price point competitors in most of the ways that count. You'll get a 10.5-inch display, 128GB of internal storage, and a 7,040 mAh battery, which should keep you powered up no matter how long your day is. Of course, actual battery life may vary depending on your activities, network connectivity, and other factors, but it should be plenty of time to get you back to an outlet.

You'll also have access to Samsung Kids, a library of curated games, books, and video content designed for kids. You can let them browse the offerings, safe in the knowledge they won't accidentally stumble on anything you need to worry about.

When it's your turn to use the tablet, you'll have a seamless experience moving content to the Tab A8 from your other Samsung devices. The Galaxy ecosystem and Samsung connectivity allow your tablet to sync content and actions with other connected Samsung tech, including smartwatches, mobile phones, and TVs.

Dragon Touch Max10

At first glance, the Dragon Touch Max10 might not seem all that impressive. It's an affordable tablet, retailing for $159.99, and has tech specs you might expect for that price: 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The storage can be upgraded, but only to a maximum of 128GB. Its other features, however, elevate it from the pack.

The 10.1-inch HD screen is a good start, and the Octa Core processor easily handles games and video content. You'll get over ten hours of average battery life, even when performing battery-heavy activities like video playback. All that screen time might fatigue your eyes, but the Dragon Touch Max10 has you covered.

A built-in Eye Comfort mode pays attention to the environment and adjusts the display lighting, including blue light, to minimize eye strain. This tablet also solves one of the biggest problems tablets have, that of connectivity loss, in one important way — GPS. The Dragon Touch Max 10 comes equipped with built-in GPS software capable of running maps even when offline. That means you can grab directions while connected to your home network, then bring your tablet with you on the road to make sure you get to your destination even in areas of spotty network connection.

Lenovo M10 Plus

Lenovo is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of all things computer-based. If you've ever been issued a work computer from an employer, there's a good chance you saw the Lenovo logo stamped across your ThinkPad.

When they're not busy making one of the most popular business laptops on the market, Lenovo also makes Android-powered tablets like the M10 Plus. Like the ThinkPad, the M10 Plus may not be the most advanced machine, but it's well-designed for what it's meant to do and starts at $199. It comes equipped with an 8MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, 4GB of RAM, and 32, 64, or 128GB of internal storage, upgradeable to 256GB with an additional SD card.

The M10 Plus runs Android 9 Pie and has a sleek all-metal body to protect it from dings and drops when being carted around by children. Speaking of kids, the built-in Kids Mode provides child-safe games, books, and video content. You can also use Kids Mode to monitor what your little one is viewing and how much time they're spending looking at screens. You'll even get alerts in the event that your kid accidentally stumbles upon something they shouldn't have.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet

Affordable tablets make great gifts for kids, but granting them unfettered access to the internet is anxiety-inducing, no matter how sharply you keep watch. Amazon's Fire HD 10 Kids tablet packages the same features as their standard Fire tablets but with built-in guardrails to keep your kids safe online.

The Fire HD 10 Kids tablet comes with an included one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, a library of content that includes books, games, videos, and more, all of which is kid friendly. There's also an internet browser with built-in parental controls and content filtering. Best of all, your Kids tablet comes with a two-year guarantee. If your kid spills something on their tablet, slams it in a car door, or otherwise destroys it, you can get a replacement.

Amazon's Fire Kids tablets come in two versions. The Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is aimed at younger kids and has a built-in bumper case in one of three colors: aquamarine, sky blue, and lavender. The second version, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, is aimed at older kids. It keeps the bright colors but adds a black option and shaves the bumper case to something a little sleeker. It also has an attached carry handle that doubles as a tablet stand.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is one of the best kid-oriented devices on the market, but they shouldn't be the only ones getting in on the fun. Fortunately, there's a Fire HD 10 version for adults, too. Unfortunately, you don't get the option of cool colors, just standard black.

The Fire HD 10 Plus has 4GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage space (upgradeable to one terabyte with an SD card), an Octa Core processor, 12 hours of average battery life, and wireless charging capabilities. You can use any Qi-certified wireless charger or the official charging dock and enjoy some added functionality. You can, of course, also charge the old-fashioned way with a USB-C cable.

Your most affordable option for a Fire HD 10 Plus is $179.99, which comes with only the tablet itself and displays ads on the lock screen when your tablet isn't in use. If you want to ditch the lock screen ads, that will bring the price to $195.99. Your tablet experience will remain otherwise unchanged. There is also a version that comes packaged with the official charging dock for $219.99. When docked, your tablet will enter Show Mode, transforming it into a hands-free Alexa-enabled assistant.