How To Use Your Tesla's Built-In Music Creation Software

The creative minds behind Tesla have come up with some pretty cool features that are unique to Tesla's EV throughout the years. A few additions stand out in this list, like the controversial Autopilot system, Dog Mode, and Sentry Mode. Recent Tesla vehicles even have a system to defend their drivers from bioweapons called the Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Tesla's infotainment system is controlled by the unique touchscreen that comes with the vehicle, which you can use to control the air conditioning, navigation, listen to music, even play games, and stream movies. It's probably safe to assume that traffic jams and charging sessions must be a joy for Tesla owners.

Listening to music in your car is a luxury that almost every person using a vehicle has experienced. How about making music with your car? Virtually unheard of, and quite ludicrous to think about. However, it turns out you can do that with your Tesla: A 2019 update to Tesla vehicles added an app called "TRAX v0.1" to the infotainment system, and with this app, you can now become a music composer inside your car.

What is TRAX, and how to use it?

The TRAX app from Tesla allows you to transform your vehicle into a music studio by providing you with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It allows you to create and record a track with a variety of instruments, and you can also adjust the pitch of these instruments, as well as set the beats per minute to your desire. To access TRAX:

  1. Tap the button with the upward arrow on the bottom bar of your Tesla touchscreen.

  2. Select the Toybox option on the right.

  3. Open up the TRAX app on Toybox.

You can decide the beats per minute (BPM) using the bar at the top of the app's user interface. To the left of the BPM bar, you get the option to record, play, stop, and loop your track. Below, the screen is split into two, with the left side reserved for the instruments, and the right side dedicated to the timeline of your track.

Now you just choose some instruments, lay down a catchy beat, and do your thing. TRAX also lets you save your music to enjoy it again whenever you want.