How To Get Access To Google's Latest (And Weirdest) Products In Labs

At Google's I/O 2023 keynote, the company debuted a litany of new AI-related software products. If you're a die-hard AI fan who wanted to try out the new tech, you're in luck as Google has opened up the testing to a select group of testers. All you need to do is join the waitlist on Google's Labs site using your Google Account. You'll need to provide select information, including your country and profession.

The first bit of software Google is testing is a revamp of Google Search, the entire reason Google initially existed and the reason the word "Google" itself has become a verb. According to the keynote, the new AI-powered Google Search will be able to give more personalized or concise answers to prompts without having to sift through dozens of unhelpful links (at least in theory). Now, there's an option to join the waitlist to "help shape the future of Search by trying out short experiments and new AI experiences," according to Google Labs.

Google's newest AI tech

Next, Google has added AI tech dubbed Duet to Google Workspace, allowing you to use AI to generate Google Docs and body text for an email sent through Gmail. This too has a waitlist to join as a tester for whatever Google comes up with. Additionally, the web page states that the AI functionality may soon come to Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chat. 

Google Labs also has a waitlist for tech that it's calling Project Tailwind that's billed as an "AI-first notebook." The demo shows the user asking prompts to help generate notes from a set number of sources and avenues that the user picks. Reportedly, this will filter out more misinformation that's prevalent in AI. 

Finally, completely out of left field is MusicLM, whichcan turn text prompts into music. Google Labs' blog says that users can type in genres, moods, and types of music, and the software will automatically generate songs. The user can then pick the song they like, which will then train the software. Google has started developing this software with the help of established musicians.