Lexus TX Teases A Much Bigger Luxury SUV

We're not sure if Lexus' upcoming three-row SUV, called the TX, is a deliberate pun on the abbreviation for the state of TX — parent company Toyota offers Texas Edition pickup trucks, after all — but it certainly will be as expansive as the Lone Star State. Today, the automaker socialized the first photo of the TX, a tightly cropped glimpse of its rear quarter panel, roof, and the wheel arch.

While virtually no details were supplied by Lexus, it's widely expected that the TX will utilize the same TNGA-K modular platform as its stablemate, Toyota's Grand Highlander.

According to Motor1, trademarks have been registered for the names TX350, TX500h, and TX550h+, indicating that at least three powertrains will be offered, including a gasoline-powered engine, a hybrid, and potentially a plug-in hybrid. For reference, the Grand Highlander's most potent powerplant is a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder, paired with two electric motors to develop 362 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, delivered via all-wheel drive.

It's visually similar to the Grand Highlander

When juxtaposed against the Grand Highlander, the similarities in the TX teaser image are unmistakable, with slight differences in the quarter window, tail lights, and the Lexus' floating roof. Even without seeing any images of the interior, we can take for granted that the TX will boast a more luxurious cabin than the Grand Highlander, with leather upholstery and enhanced technology features. Clearly, Lexus is gunning for its German competition like BMW's X7 and the Mercedes GLS.

No further details are available regarding when the new Lexus TX will be revealed in its entirety, but we expect that it won't be too much longer since so much architecture is shared with the Grand Highlander which goes on sale later this summer. Similarly, the two SUVs will almost surely be built side-by-side at Toyota's manufacturing facility in Indiana. Sources in the industry claim that the TX will carry a price tag starting at approximately $60,000.