2024 Toyota Tacoma: Every Configuration We Expect To See At The Reveal

Toyota is continuing to drop hints about the newest generation 2024 Toyota Tacoma ahead of its official launch on May 19th. It's already been seen that it will launch with an available six-speed manual transmission as well as a ton of changes that include electrification technology and a new overlanding-focused "Trailhunter" trim level and equipment package. As of now, it is still not known what all versions of the truck will actually look like before the reveal, but Toyota has dropped a few hints as to the general shape of the truck, as well as its different body configurations. 

In what's likely good news for farmers and tradesmen, the 2024 Tacoma will retain a single cab long bed configuration. Some lines of work absolutely do not require the ability to seat a lot of people and the longer bed is a necessity. Honest, no-frills trucks are still attractive to a wide variety of truck buyers. 

Truck layouts for every buyer

It's not a surprise that Toyota has dropped a few hints about the quad-cab layouts as well. The most notable is a Tacoma that appears to have bed bars, not unlike the Chevy Colorado ZR2. Bed bars can be used to mount extra lights, a spare wheel/tire, winches, and a variety of other pieces of equipment that might come in handy on the trail. Plus, the bars look cool, so there's no shame in that. Although it has not been confirmed, the silhouette teased is possibly the "Trailhunter" trim Toyota announced earlier. Another layout hints at an aggressive bumper and roof-mounted light setup that may hint at the new iteration of the TRD or TRD Pro trims. 

The last teaser shows a basic quad cab truck that will likely be the most popular configuration for people who just want a truck that can haul around the family without a lot of bells and whistles. Basic Tacomas have been the bread and butter of the compact truck scene for decades, and there's no reason for Toyota to deviate now.