Rivian's Latest Update Turns Its EVs Into A 360 Drive Cam

Rivian's newest software update adds a ton of functionality to its onboard camera system. The Gear Guard system has been updated to include the ability to record while you're driving and a new Incidents feature has been added that allows you to record and save videos of traffic incidents, much like a dash cam system. Not for nothing, Rivian's Gear Guard mascot, who is a sasquatch-like creature wearing cargo shorts and a puffy vest, has been updated as well.

Unlike your average dash cam, the Rivian's Drive Cam and Incidents camera has a 360-degree field of view and can be set to automatically record when you brake very hard or there is a collision. This has the obvious benefit of helping out in insurance disputes or if someone is injured in an accident. These two functions are in addition to Rivian's existing Motion Cam and Alarm functions that can (hopefully) prevent things from being stolen from your car.

Record and download footage of your drive

If you want to record a drive just for fun or posterity purposes, the new update allows you to connect a USB-C drive to your Rivian R1T or R1S SUV and download videos directly to the drive for editing or posting from your computer. All of the new features can be tweaked and enabled/disabled in the Gear Guard screen which features the aforementioned cryptid mascot. 

In addition to the Gear Guard features, the new update includes a Live 24/7 chat feature with Rivian Customer Service should you need it, plus a service mode that disables certain features of the EV should it be in the shop. You can also now limit the amount your vehicle is charged to. Rivian says this feature can allow the vehicle to stop charging at paid charging stations after it reaches the desired percentage. You can also now schedule charging at your house, so your Rivian doesn't use tons of power during periods of the day when many appliances or other power drains may be in use. Rivian has also added the ability to name your vehicle. A bone-stock Rivian R1T starts at $73,000, so it might as well have a name.