Ford's Bronco Trail App Could Tempt You Off-Road

The ability to go off-roading is one of the main allures of the Ford Bronco. It has a high ride height, can be fitted with big knobby tires right from the factory, and it's shaped like a brick. There are few things off-roading enthusiasts like more. Ford has released a mobile app especially suited for the Bronco called the "Trail App." 

The Trail App seeks to guide Bronco owners through off-road trails by giving them a lot of data about how their Bronco handles pavement-agnostic driving and the specific details of the trail itself, according to a Ford press release. The app comes pre-loaded with 1,200 trails in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, totaling about 18,000 miles. 

It's not just a FitBit for your Bronco. The trail map also highlights scenic overlooks, photo opportunities, and potential dangers. And because it's 2023, the app lets you share your trail adventures with other Bronco app users. 

Ford's exclusive app for Bronco owners

In addition to the social media aspects, the app allows you to download maps and topographical information if you know you'll be without cell phone service for an extended period. Ford also points out that the in-app digital tire pressure monitor works without a stable internet connection. Ford is encouraging its Bronco owners to get out of the mall parking lots and suburban driveways that serve as the typical domain for vehicles like the Ford or the Jeep Wrangler. Matt Winter, the Bronco Brand Manager for Ford, says: "We know our customers value the time they take to go out there and get away from it all, and this app offers them an easy way to share the exciting experiences they have and connect with other off-roaders." 

According to Ford, the app allows trail fans to record the whole trip through their phone if they so desire, and those recorded videos will show the Bronco's navigational data and other metrics like your RPM and speed. 

The app is available on Apple's App Store and the Google Play store and requires users to link the app with their existing FordPass account.