2024 Jeep Wrangler Gets A New Grille And A Cheaper 4xe Hybrid

Jeep's popular Wrangler model is set to adopt a bold new look from next year. The centerpiece of the makeover is undoubtedly the upgraded seven-slot grill that now adorns the front of the off-roader. While not as iconic as the headlight hoods and upset mouth-looking grilles that gave Jeeps a little angry face for a few years, the new look will also prove less divisive. It's more of a modern take on the look of the original jeeps, than an attempt to do something altogether new.

The grille itself isn't entirely new, having first cropped up on this year's Wrangler Rubicon 20th Anniversary. It also has some practical use. The black textured vertical slots improve cooling, Jeep says, and it's apparently easier to fit the factory-installed Warn winch that Jeep likes to slap onto the front of its Rubicon models. In terms of appearance, the slots are accompanied by neutral gray metallic bezels and body-color surround. Gloss black slots and bezels adorn the Willys while the High Altitude trim gets the gloss bezels. If black isn't your color, opting for the Sahara may be a better option as the slots on that vehicle are "platinum silver."

Other features on the new Wrangler include a "windshield-integrated trail-ready stealth antenna" which is undoubtedly less exciting than its name actually suggests. Still, it's one of those features you can bring up at parties if you're trying to sound like Sam Fisher. Jeep says that orders for its 2024 models are opening soon, with the vehicles set to arrive in U.S. dealerships later this year and dealerships worldwide at some point after that.

Jeep's most popular hybrid is getting even cheaper

It's fair to say that the Jeep Wrangler 4xe is the United States' most popular plug-in hybrid. The vehicle has topped sales charts in its particular category for over two years. But that isn't good enough for Jeep and the company are looking to boost sales even further with a new entry-level model. The Sport S 4xe will launch at a "lower entry price point" than existing models, which currently kick off at $54,735 plus destination. The new hybrid SUV will feature a two-liter inline four-cylinder engine, capable of churning out a total of 270 horsepower.

The vehicle is also receiving a safety boost, with everything from the Sport X S upwards fitted with first-and second-row side-curtain airbags, collision detection, and a cruise control system that will automatically stop if the vehicle is in serious danger of crashing. It is worth noting that if you do opt for the "entry-level" model, other driver assist features like "park assist" will cost extra. Some of the more exciting Sport S features include a "premium soft top," 20-inch aluminum wheels, and a "Gorilla Glass" windshield.

But you're probably not buying one of these for performance reasons alone. With this kind of vehicle, efficiency is king. In hybrid mode, it gets an impressive 49 miles to the gallon — which would put it amongst the most efficient vehicles available at the moment.