How To Restore A Lost Snapchat Streak

Everybody has a different level of engagement with social media. Some like to dabble. Others use it as a business necessity while some simply love the triumphant "bing" of a new like, retweet, or comment. As a result, we all but live in the high-octane world of socials.

Snapchat in particular (though it's replete with hidden features) is more quickfire by nature than even Twitter. This is a very dangerous quality: users might just pop to the bathroom and find that they've watched 45 snaps without realizing that they'd fallen down the rabbit hole. As such, it's very easy to incorporate the app into your day, building up a significant streak in the process.

Snapstreaks begin on the third day of sending videos or photos to a specific user and receiving one back in return. The streaks are highly prized by the Snapchat faithful. What do you do, then, if the worst happens and one or the other of you doesn't respond with a silly snap in time and the streak is lost? Worry not, there are ways to restore a lost streak.

How to recover a lost Snapstreak

The first port of call when attempting to recover a Snapstreak that has expired has historically been Snapchat Support's Submit a request form. Here, among other requests such as notifying Snapchat of a bug, users can select "I lost my Snapstreak" from the "What can we help you with?" section. Filling in your account details followed by the Username of the friend in question's account (just one per submission) and clicking Submit will set the Snapchat team on the case.

There's a crucial caveat, though: some users may have lost access to this function of the form. On March 1 2023, Snapchat announced that it was replacing this method with the Streak Restore system. The company promised that users will be able to restore as many streaks as they need to. This will surely be invaluable for those who find it impossible to keep up with everybody, among the absurd 2,430,000 snaps shared on Snapchat every minute, according to Statista.

Using a Streak Restore is as simple as clicking the Restore button to the right of the appropriate friend's name on the Chat menu, but if you've used your free one, you'll need to pay a microtransaction for more Restore credits before doing so. That'll be $0.99 apiece. It's an interesting new gambit from the company, which also rolled out its My AI chatbot in April 2023.