Love It Or Leave It? This Colorful Custom Porsche Taycan Is Sure To Turn Heads

Cars and sneakers go hand-in-hand. You may not have the fastest or coolest car, but you can rock some nasty kicks to even the deal –- ask any car guy. But what happens if a sneaker designer had a hand in painting a car? The result is this wonderfully colorful Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo, now called the Porsche Taycan art car, after a healthy splattering of cheerful vibes.

Sean Wotherspoon, the artist behind the Porsche Taycan art car's color-block paint job and creator of the Nike Air Max 97/1, used a mishmash of four bespoke colors in creating his latest masterpiece. In a quirky twist, Wotherspoon named the colors after his family members (Nash Blue, Sean Peach, Loretta Purple, and Ashley Green), and each original color will become available through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur for future Porsche models.

"I've been into cars almost my entire life, but I just never had the opportunity to envision one through my own lens," said Wotherspoon of the Porsche blog. "When Porsche came to me with the proposition to work together to develop the Taycan Cross Turismo, it just felt right."

Color your world

We like the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo and fancy it in the German automaker's brilliant color lineup of blacks, blues, and reds. Then again, having four main color themes might be a bit over the top. But the interior is stunning. It's a brilliant combination of colors, fancy materials, sustainable trim, and cork. Who knew cork would look this good in a car interior? The Taycan art car might be polarizing with its multi-color paint job, but the cabin is a triumph. Porsche might be on to something with a cork-themed interior that could soon make its way to Porsche's many interior packages.

Kudos to Mazda for introducing the cork material in its magnificently styled yet hopelessly impractical MX-30 EV (Mazda started life in Japan making corks, after all). Who knew that Sean Wotherspoon would discover what car lovers have been missing all their lives? "I've been calling the cork elements around the windows 'trees'," added Wotherspoon. "You really feel like you're sitting in nature inside this car."

Moreover, the cabin has green rugs made from recycled fishing nets, faux leather, corduroy, and an Atacama Beige corduroy roof lining. The Porsche Taycan art car's cutesy exterior is love-it or hate-it, but that's what art is about. As for the inside, more trees and corduroy in car interiors would be a solid win.