Motorola Razr Lite Foldable Appears In Leak

Motorola is reportedly developing a new foldable phone that will go the affordable route and might be launched later this year. Leakster OnLeaks shared the supposed renders of an upcoming clamshell foldable called the Motorola Razr Lite with MySmartPrice. The leak doesn't offer any information about the phone's innards but claims that it will be offered as a cheaper alternative to the upcoming Moto Razr Plus flagship.

So far, the trend of watered-down "lite" foldables hasn't yielded many results, and it looks like Motorola will turn out to be the first brand that adopts the Lite formula to deliver an affordable foldable phone. The Moto Razr Lite looks like your average clamshell folding phone, borrowing its inner display aesthetics from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Oppo Find N2 Flip, among others. There's a centrally-positioned hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera at the top, while the bezels seem to be symmetrical on all sides. The fingerprint sensor, as usual, appears to have been embedded within the elongated power button.

Cutting screen perks to retain budget tag

The source report mentions that the renders have been modeled after a "testing stage prototype," meaning some design tweaks might be executed down the road and the final retail-ready units could look a bit different. The biggest difference between the Moto Razr Plus and its Lite variant, if the renders are to be believed, is the secondary screen on the back of the device. The Lite model is shown with a polished black strip at the back, which houses the dual camera lenses and a screen. The rear display appears quite small, and it looks like it would only serve well for showing the time, notification icons, and other basic information like call alerts.

Motorola's Razr Plus, on the other hand, is expected to feature a large secondary screen that covers almost the entire upper half of the rear panel. The two camera lenses appear to have been fitted after drilling circular cutouts in the secondary display panel. However, neither phone has been launched yet, and in the absence of any truly credible information it's hard to predict when exactly these two Razr-series foldable phones will hit the shelves. Still, keep in mind that Motorola has yet to officially confirm plans for a "Lite" foldable phone, so process this latest leak with a fair bit of skepticism.