Leaked Motorola Razr Renders Give A Glimpse Of What The New Foldable Might Look Like

More than three years after Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone, the company's domination in the foldable space has been largely left unchallenged. While several companies have announced and launched foldable smartphones, none of them are as widely available as the devices from Samsung, with the majority of Chinese-made foldable phones only sold in China and select markets outside of China.

The only company offering some semblance of competition to Samsung in the foldables space is Motorola with its Razr-branded foldable phones. However, the first few iterations of the foldable Motorola devices were marred by poor performance, technical issues, and unrealistic pricing. Motorola was also highly irregular at launching new successors to the original Razr even as Samsung continued to launch newer, improved iterations of its foldable devices. In fact, the 2022 edition of the Motorola Razr wasn't even launched in one of Motorola's most important markets — the USA.

While it was smooth sailing for Samsung in the foldable space until now, a handful of recent developments indicate things are getting tougher for the Korean smartphone maker in 2023. To begin, this year could see several Chinese-made foldable phones make their international debut. Take the case of the just-launched Oppo Find N2 series of foldable phones, upcoming devices from Honor, and twin foldable devices from OnePlus. Motorola is also likely to join the fray this time around — and, according to a recent report by the good folks at TheTechOutlook, the company is cooking up a cracker of a foldable phone for 2023.

Everything we know about the 2023 Motorola Razr

Renders recently posted by TheTechOutlook claim that Motorola's upcoming foldable smartphone indicates that the 2023 Motorola Razr could feature the biggest cover display on a flip smartphone yet. While the publication did not reveal the dimensions of this display, it is evidently much bigger than the 3.26-inch cover display on the Oppo Find N2 Flip. What makes the display even more interesting is the fact that it seems to wrap around the phone's dual camera system and the flash apparatus. The additional screen real estate could be dedicated to displaying notifications.

While we do not have information pertaining to the camera hardware, the renders seem to indicate that both the cameras are of the hole punch type. While the 2022 Razr came with a dedicated 32 MP selfie camera, such a camera seems to be missing in the 2023 iteration. The rest of the design language doesn't deviate much from last year's model, except for changes to some visual elements. 

Take the case of the rear panel, which sports two different-looking design elements. The bottom side features a matte velvet finish as opposed to the top side, which looks very different with its glossy glass finish. In addition, the Razr branding and the distinct Motorola logo are visible on the bottom panel. The report also indicates that this upcoming device is codenamed "Juno." The rest of the hardware specs on the device are mere speculation, and given that we expect Motorola to launch this after the second half of 2023, a lot could change when the company is finally ready to launch the 2023 Motorola Razr.