Oppo Refreshes Foldable Find N2 Lineup, Launches A Galaxy Z Flip Rival

One year after Oppo entered the world of foldable smartphones with the Oppo Find N, the company has just showcased its next-generation foldable phones at its yearly Inno Day event in China. The new devices announced today include the Oppo Find N2 — successor to the first-gen Find N from 2021 — and a brand new flip phone called the Oppo Find N2 Flip. In its second-gen avatar, the Oppo Find N2 incorporates several feature upgrades and refinements aimed at making the phone even better than the original Find N from last year.

For those unaware, the first-gen Oppo Find N received positive reviews from reviewers and consumers (including us at SlashGear). However, the phone did not officially make it to markets outside of China. Nevertheless, most people who used the Find N were impressed by the device's manageable foldable screen size and usable external display. In addition, the Oppo Find N also offered good performance and excellent camera features at a competitive (for foldable smartphones) $1,200 price tag.

Given the positive response it received for the original Find N from last year, the company has chosen to retain the same design characteristics on the Find N2. In addition, Oppo seems to have made significant efforts to make the Find N lighter than its predecessor while not compromising on its build quality. While Oppo hasn't said whether the Find N2 will get an international launch, the company confirmed that its first flip phone — the Oppo Find N2 Flip — will be launched globally in the coming months.

Oppo Find N2: Specifications and key features

The Oppo Find N2 derives most of its design traits from its older sibling, the Find N. While the overall design silhouette remains the same, refinements to the material used in the construction ensure that the phone weighs just 8.2 ounces. This makes the Find N2 significantly lighter than the Find N, which weighed 9.7 ounces. Some of the weight reduction has come on account of the Find N2 being slightly smaller than the Find N in overall dimensions. The Find N2 also incorporates multiple changes to its hinge design with several of its elements using carbon fiber and high-strength alloy to reduce the weight. In addition, Oppo also claims that the display crease is less noticeable than before.

Despite retaining the same internal display size and resolution (7.1 inches when unfolded, 1792 x 1920 pixels) as its predecessor, the Find N2 gets a much brighter display with a peak brightness value of 1,550 nits. The LTPO panel also supports a variable refresh rate topping out at 120Hz. As for the external cover display, at 5.54 inches, it is marginally bigger in size compared to the older model. The display resolution also sees a slight bump (1080 x 2120 pixels compared to 988 x 1972 pixels). The cover display on the Find N2 is also brighter than the one on the outgoing model at 1,350 nits. Both the internal and external displays support HDR10+ content. Powering the Oppo Find N2 is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. While not the latest Snapdragon chip on the block, this chip can handle even the most intensive of tasks with aplomb.

Oppo Find N2: Camera hardware, features

The camera system on the Oppo Find N2 includes a triple camera setup at the rear and twin selfie cameras located on both the internal and external displays. The main rear-facing camera on the Find N2 uses a 50MP sensor (Sony IMX890 in place of IMX766) mated to an f/1.8, 24mm lens with support for OIS. The second rear-facing camera uses a 48MP sensor mated to an ultrawide lens, while the third camera uses a 32MP sensor with support for 2X zoom, acting as the telephoto camera.

In addition to these rear-facing cameras, the Find N2 also gets twin selfie cameras, one located on each of the phones' displays. Both these cameras use 32MP sensors and should offer identical image quality. While the camera on the internal folding display is positioned in the top left corner of the display as a hole punch cutout, the selfie camera on the external cover display is located at the center of the panel.

Interestingly, the Find N2's folding capabilities open up a lot of new possibilities in terms of camera angles and even supports taking pictures from the waist level. The phone comes with its own waist-level finder designed to simplify capturing such a shot. The hinged design also means that users can turn one end of the fold as a stable tripod while capturing pictures and shooting videos.

Oppo Find N2 Flip: Specifications, key features

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is the second smartphone Oppo announced at its 2022 Inno Day event. This is the company's first foldable phone in a flip/clamshell format and goes up against the likes of the 2022 Moto Razr and the current champ of foldable flip phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The most noticeable aspect of the Find N2 Flip is its rather large external cover display that measures 3.62 inches across and sports a resolution of 382 x 720 pixels. This is significantly larger than the smaller cover displays used by its competitors. With the phone flipped open, the internal foldable display of the Find N2 Flip measures 6.8 inches across. This LTPO OLED panel supports a variable refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz and supports HDR10+ content. At 1,600 nits, the panel is also quite bright.

Oppo has opted to use MediaTek's flagship Dimensity 9000+ chipset on the Find N2 Flip, which is one of the most advanced and fastest mobile SoCs currently available for Android smartphones. Powering all this hardware is a fairly large 4,300 mAh battery with support for 44W fast charging, making it the largest battery on a flip-style phone currently on sale. The Oppo Find N2 gets twin rear-facing cameras that use a 50MP main sensor (Sony IMX890), and an 8MP (IMX355) selfie camera. The phone also gets a single 32MP selfie camera that is located on the internal display. All of the image processing on the phone is handled by Oppo's Marisilicon X chip.

Oppo Find N2 series: Availability and pricing

While Oppo has yet to confirm the global availability details surrounding the Find N2, we know that the handset will go on sale in China in the following weeks. In the Chinese market, there are two variants of the phone: a base variant that gets 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage priced at 8,000 Yuan ($1,145), and the top variant of the Oppo Find N2 with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage. This variant will set users back by 9,000 Yuan ($1,290).

Moving to the Oppo Find N2 Flip, there are three variants of this flip phone to choose from, starting with a base variant that gets 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage that costs 6,000 Yuan ($860), a mid-tier option that gets 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage priced at 6,400 Yuan ($917), and a top variant that gets 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. This top-end option will set users back by 7,000 Yuan ($1,000). As mentioned earlier, Oppo has confirmed that the Find N2 Flip will be on sale globally. The company, however, stopped short of revealing specific details surrounding the markets in which they intend to release the phone.