Watch This Impressive EV Sports Car Jump Off The Ground And Drive With A Missing Wheel

BYD, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, unveiled some new pieces of EV technology and showcased them today on its Yangwang U9 EV supercar. The presentation showed a yellow U9 driving with only three wheels relatively smoothly. During the live segment, a U9 demonstrated its ability to dance and even perform a small hop off the ground by lowering its suspension to the floor and shooting back up. 

According to a tweet by BYD, the U9 is equipped with its new DiSus Intelligent Body Control System. Presumably, the new system will give drivers more granular control over their EV's suspension system and allow them to raise and lower the ride height at will without much fuss. 

Driving while missing a wheel could have practical applications if a tire goes flat, but the real-world use scenario of a dancing car has yet to be seen. Either way, most BYDs — ones that can bust a move or not — aren't available in the United States, so it's up to EV manufacturers in the U.S. market to come up with a dancing car. Tesla is no stranger to Easter eggs, after all. And new EVs like the GMC Hummer are chock full of less-than-conventional driving modes. 

BYD's new suspension system can make a car literally jump

According to a press release by BYD, the DiSus system was developed entirely in-house and is fitted to its line of New Energy Vehicles. There are three distinct versions of the DiSus system: DiSus-C, the Intelligent Damping Body Control System; DiSus-A, the Intelligent Air Body Control System; and DiSus-P, the Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System. 

Exact info has not been released as to how the system works. The U9, the yellow supercar that popped and locked on the stage, was equipped with what BYD calls the DiSus-X system. The specs for the DiSus-X body control system and the U9 itself have not been released as of yet. BYD also says the DiSus-C system will be available after an over-the-air update for the BYD Han, Tang, and Denza EVs. The hydraulic DiSus-P system will debut on the Yangwang U8 SUV. As of now, there are no announced plans to bring this technology to the United States.