Secretlab TITAN XXS: April Fools' Joke Turned Premium Kid-Friendly Gaming Chair

April Fools' Day can be one of the most entertaining (or frustrating) days of the year – as the internet is flooded with fake news stories, fake products, and fake announcements. However, for every over-the-top stunt, a genuinely clever April Fools' idea breaks through – generating actual demand for a product that was intended to be an entertaining gag. It's exactly what happened when elite gaming chair maker Secretlab unveiled their TITAN XXXXXS on April Fools' Day 2021 – a pet and kid-friendly 1:2 scale version of their fan-favorite gaming chair line.

In the following days, the stunt made it into numerous "Best Of" April Fools' prank lists – drumming up legitimate calls for Secretlab to actually make the child-sized chair available for purchase. This demand for the fake product was real and, as a result, Secretlab set out to commission a limited edition run of the chairs – which finally released to eager consumers in November 2021 under a slightly more serious name: TITAN XXS.

The XXS is a hybrid of the TITAN 2020 model (in shape) but takes advantage of Secretlab's newer materials (used in the updated EVO line). At the time of launch, the XXS was available in either SoftWeave Plus fabric or NEO Hybrid Leatherette; however, the NEO models have since sold out – leaving buyers with the choice between two SoftWeave Plus fabric options: Frost Blue or Plush Pink.

Secretlab Customizability in a 1:2 Scale

While certain TITAN staples didn't make it into the miniature version (such as recline or lumbar functionality), the XXS is easily one of the most customizable and comfortable kiddie chairs on the planet. Closely matching the TITAN series' iconic shape, the chair also includes a number of fan-favorite features, including frame and armrest height adjustments as well as pillow headrest – in addition to international child safety certifications, support for 70 kg in weight, and a 5-year warranty.

As mentioned, the "collectible" TITAN XXS remains available for purchase; though, Secretlab will eventually sell out of their limited edition April Fools'-turned real product run. Still, with the Secretlab expanding into new markets – with the introduction of their MAGNUS Pro desk line as well as an ever-growing range of workstation accessories – it'll be interesting to see if the manufacturer decides to re-enter the kid (and pet) chair market with a dedicated offering built from the ground up.

For more information about the TITAN XXS, head over to Secretlab. SlashGear was provided with a TITAN XXS review unit for the purpose of this feature.