Secretlab's Customizable Arm & Footrests Enhance A Robust Product Line

Industry-leader in gaming chair design, Secretlab, continues to expand their workspace product line – building an ecosystem of stylish, functional, and premium built gaming and office solutions. Following on the success of the company's flagship TITAN series chair, Secretlab released a set of workstations for gamers and professionals, alike – starting with the MAGNUS desk and its premium successor the MAGNUS Pro (a motorized sit-to-stand model)

Clean designs, robust feature sets, and (above all) unprecedented commitment to comfort have earned Secretlab a loyal following. Now the engineers at Secretlab are carrying these same principles into new offerings designed (literally) to enhance and complement their core products as well as provide much-needed workstation solutions – even for customers who are new to Secretlab. The TITAN chair line allows for numerous adjustments that make it easy to optimize a user's setup for maximum comfort – from head to toe knee; yet, customers have routinely had to turn elsewhere to give their feet the same level of support. Fortunately, with the announcement of the company's Premium Footrest and Professional Footrest (with their trademark CloudSwap Technology), customers can finally enjoy that same Secretlab quality from the knee down.

The Premium Footrest is the more straightforward of the two offerings – lacking the customization and adjustment options present in the Professional model. Nevertheless, the Premium Footrest is still, by its name, premium – offering ergonomic support for all Secretlab chairs (regardless of height) with sturdy memory foam construction.

A Professional Footrest Experience

That said, for users who have enjoyed the modular design of the TITAN and MAGNUS lines, the Professional model provides enhanced options for a variety of comfort preferences and environmental conditions – including both a 30-degree adjustable pitch as well as the aforementioned "CloudSwap" integration. In terms of the pitch, the Professional allows users to lock the footrest to a preferred angle or unlock for dynamic movement on the fly. That said, the CloudSwap Technology is easily the Professional's greatest selling point – providing customers with footrest "top" options: the Plushcell Memory Foam Top comes standard – with swappable add-ons available for purchase (such as a heated top).

Swapping out the tops is simple – as there are no clips, screws, or permanent adhesives. Tops are held in place on the Professional footrest by a molded lip and changing out a top only takes seconds. Users looking for a supportive but comfortable footrest will appreciate the included Plushcell Memory Foam top while buyers working (or gaming) in a chilly space might want to spring for a Heated top.

Either footrest can be used with a non-Secretlab office chair, and will provide a great introductory experience to the company ecosystem. Still, the footrests were designed for use with the TITAN chair model – and it shows. Using the Professional footrest with a memory foam top while sitting in a properly tuned TITAN chair provides unparalleled comfort and support at every joint.

Buyers who want to further enhance their Secretlab experience also have fresh options on their TITAN – as the manufacturer is offering new add-ons for their flagship chairs – including lumbar pillows (for extra lower back support) as well as interchangeable armrests.

New Comforts Come to the TITAN

The lumbar pillow line includes several options: from branded models in collaboration with fan-favorite IP's (such as Fortnite and League of Legends), to a memory foam version, to a premiere Lumbar Pillow Pro. The lumbar pillow line is one of the company's more straightforward offerings but, like everything else Secretlab, each version is made from high-quality materials and designed to blend effortlessly onto a TITAN chair – unless of course the user wants their pillow to stand out (in which case they'll want to check out some especially creative  DOTA 2 models).

Lastly, Secretlab is expanding armrest options to include memory foam and Technogel tops. Like the other memory foam products in Secretlab's line, the PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest Tops are intended to provide buyers with a soft but supportive landing zone whereas the Technogel Premium Armrest Tops are designed to offer a cool surface – especially for gamers who might be seated at their desk for several hours in one sitting. While the standard TITAN armrests are quite comfortable out of the box, both of premium tops provide an affordable upgrade and, thanks to the previously mentioned "CloudSwap Technology," can be unclipped and changed-out in a matter of seconds as user needs change.

Secretlab fans can look forward to future additions to the company's line but, even now, buyers already have an increasingly wide range of options available to them – making it easier than ever to achieve an individual's optimal work (or gaming) station setup. In the end, that's the real magic of what Secretlab is doing – delivering a seamless but enhanceable experience at every point in their product line.

For more information about Secretlab's arm and footrest line as well as lumbar pillows, head over to Secretlab. SlashGear was provided a Professional Footrest and a selection of accessories for the purpose of this feature.