Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk has a unique cable management system

Desktop computers haven't really gone away and neither have their cables. Even those that live on laptops often have monitors and hubs to connect to at home or that the office. Cable management has always been a problem and yet few computer and gaming desks are designed for that purpose. Singapore-based Secretlab, perhaps better known for its gaming chairs, is taking a stab at that market with its first-ever PC desk that puts magnets to some unique uses.

Some might worry that magnets and electronics don't mix but the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk only places them in strategic locations only, particularly around the edges of the desk. One of its purposes is to hold specially designed "Magpad Desk Mats" in place while still making it easy to style your desk to your preferences.

Those magnetized areas, however, really come into play in cable management. Magnetic cable holders keep those pesky wires from falling off while not forcing you to a specific location only. The desk also has a specially fabricated cable management tray on the back and custom-cut sheaths for the legs help make all those unsightly cables magically disappear.

The MAGNUS Metal Desk also offers a bit of customization, like the company's MAGRGB Diffused RGB LED Strips designed specifically to also be invisible until turned on. Although it won't reach the heights of a standing desk, the top can extend up to 0.8 inches in height, just enough to slide your Secretlab computer chair's arms under your desk.

At first glance, the dark grey metal desk looks almost too plain and too clean. That, however, is also part of the appeal since it means it does its job at keeping only the visually important things in sight. The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk will set you back $449, though, something to keep in mind for your next big purchase for your home office.