How To Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile With This AI Tool

It may do us an injustice to define ourselves by our jobs alone. We're complex and multifaceted creatures, after all, navigating the balance of families, hobbies, and what to have for dinner every evening as well as our careers.

At the same time, there's no denying just how significant a part of our lives work is. In January 2023, according to Statista, LinkedIn reached a world record of 200 million users in the U.S. alone. That's an awful lot of people striving to advance their careers and make networks of valuable professional connections.

The question is, how many of these people are making the most of the varied opportunities LinkedIn offers? Those who fear that they aren't will be glad to hear that the platform has introduced a new AI tool designed to help with just that. Here's how it can help you maximize your profile and climb some ladders.

How can LinkedIn's AI functionality help users?

It's difficult to deny just how powerful a tool the LinkedIn can be. In April 2022, LinkedIn reported that six people find employment on LinkedIn every 60 seconds (yes, an average of one every ten seconds). The key, of course, is creating an effective profile.

Fortunately, AI tools can simplify this process. From ChatGPT to DuckDuckGo's DuckAssist, such tools exist to make our online lives easier, and LinkedIn's own AI functionality has recently expanded. Two main areas — profile creation and of job listings —have been covered.

As LinkedIn users will know, the platform focuses on highlighting users' unique talents, areas of experience, and the other factors that make somebody the right fit for the job and field in which they are employed and seeking a position. LinkedIn calls this "showcas[ing] your professional self," and some of those subscribed to LinkedIn Premium are helping test an AI helper that supports them in doing just that.

The tool, reportedly, focuses on two areas of a profile that users will be familiar with: Headline and About. While filling in these sections, the tool analyzes other areas of a profile and uses this information to provide personalized suggestions of important skills and areas of expertise to include. Users can then include or adapt these to their own preferences.

What else does it allow users to do?

LinkedIn users seeking new positions to apply for, of course, can spend considerable time perusing the various opportunities posted on the platform. For the poster, great care has to be taken with these. A lack of detail or simple clumsy wording can dissuade an otherwise-perfect candidate from reaching out.

How can you ensure that perfect candidate and perfect role come together in glorious harmony? Well, this new generative AI update can fix that too. When making a posting, the user can input the basics (such as the title of the position) and the tool will cobble together a job description from there. It's even possible to specify skill recommendations by 'importing' them from a network member in a similar role.

This feature is similar to the email-generating GhostWrite extension for Chat-GPT. Hopefully, this will help usher in a new era for employees and employers alike on LinkedIn. The emphasis on reviewing and customizing the generated content is important to bear in mind, though, as is the fact that LinkedIn promised to Gizmodo that it would "continue to iterate and evolve the tool" to further bolster its real-world performance.