Netflix To Release 40 More Game Titles For 2023

Netflix was the last platform we thought would jump into gaming. We'd seen hints of the streaming service's aspirations when it launched innovative interactive experiences, allowing you to be part of the cinematic fun by experiencing different story arcs based on your input. Those aspirations eventually bloomed into more traditional experiences, such as mobile games freely accessible through the Netflix app for any paid subscriber.

Subscribers have been indulging in the fun for a little over a year, and Netflix has released dozens of titles in that time — 55 to be exact, ranging from puzzlers and RPGs to narrative-driven adventures. While many are spinoffs based on popular Netflix Original series, some have been entirely unique, and others are Netflix-themed versions of existent hit games from partner studios.

The company today announced plans to launch at least 40 more over the course of this year, with 70 games total in development from its partners. Netflix is developing an additional 16 of its own titles in-house. Some of the upcoming titles include exclusive originals like "Terra Nil," a city-builder, and "Highwater," a game placed in apocalyptic ruin where the player engages in survival tactics and a mash dash to escape the calamity by way of a Mars-bound spaceship.

Major game studios bring beloved titles to Netflix

Ubisoft is one of the major gaming studios set to release another title after it launched the Netflix-exclusive "Valiant Hearts: Coming Home" this past January. "Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace" is next up from the French publisher, an approachable rogue-lite dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from "Diablo" and "Minecraft: Legends." Netflix says it'll have a deeper narrative, upgraded gameplay, and "endless" replayability.

We're also getting new runs of the critically acclaimed "Monument Valley" and its sequel. These puzzle games feature mesmerizing visuals and dreamy environs, with an open-ended story of forgiveness that you can fill in using a bit of your own imagination along the way. Additionally, Netflix announced it's working with developer Super Evil Megacorp — best known for its mobile-ready multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game known as "Vainglory" — on a new exclusive title based on an upcoming series. There's no clue what that could be yet, but we'll learn more by year's end.