Netflix Games expands with two new titles, including Riot's Hextech Mayhem

Another two titles have joined the Netflix Games roster, both of which are exclusive to the streaming service on iOS and Android. For this particular round, the expansion brings Dungeon Dwarves from Hyper Hippo, and Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story from Riot Games — both of which are free-to-play, assuming you have a Netflix subscription. Players should expect to pay $9.99/month to $19.99/month, depending on the plan, for access to both games along with the rest of Netflix's video and game streaming libraries.

As with the other games in the company's catalog, you'll need to have the Netflix app installed on your smartphone in order to play them, as the platform doesn't currently support play via a console or computer. If you do have the app installed, both Dungeon Dwarves and Hextech Mayhem should already appear in your Games library. You can also find both of them listed on their respective app stores, but you will still need a Netflix subscription to play them.

Netflix's two new games detailed

Dungeon Dwarves comes from the team behind Adventure Capitalist and touts itself as an "idle dungeon crawler" — kind of like Cookie Clicker, but with less baked goods and more life-threatening subterranean exploration. You'll have to tap your way through an assortment of dungeons while discovering loot and fighting off baddies using a team of dwarves, each with upgradable special abilities and (hopefully) ever-improving equipment. And since it's an "idle" game, your dwarves will keep digging even when you aren't actively playing.Hextech Mayhem, which is an official League of Legends spinoff that includes Ziggs and Heimerdinger from the main game, is a bit more hands-on and billed as a "fast-paced rhythm runner." In practice, this means players must perform the correct actions at the right time to keep the music (and the explosions) going. But if Ziggs can't keep up the pace and gets caught by Heimerdinger, his plans to create the "greatest bomb the world has ever seen" will be over.

If you plan to give either (or both) games a shot, be aware that neither supports cloud saves, so your progress will be limited to whatever device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet) you decide to play them on. It's also worth noting that while Hextech Mayhem does support offline play, you'll need an online connection in order to play Dungeon Dwarves.