The Classic Land Rover Defender 90 Is The Next LEGO Icons Set

Many of us grew up playing with LEGO bricks, and the company's foray into classic architectural and automotive models has introduced a different level of sophistication and detail. 

In a move that will surely excite car and LEGO enthusiasts alike, the LEGO Group has announced plans to introduce the Land Rover Defender 90 to its growing LEGO Icons collection to commemorate Land Rover's 75th anniversary. It joins cinema-popularized vehicles like the ECTO-1 from "Ghostbusters" and the DeLorean-based Time Machine from "Back to the Future," in addition to other highly detailed memorabilia.

The Land Rover Defender 90, with roots dating back to 1948, has become an enduring symbol of British automotive engineering. Known for its rugged build and go-anywhere capability, the Defender 90 has found a home in various settings, from rural farmlands to military operations. Its recent reintroduction has only increased its popularity, further solidifying its status as an iconic off-roader.

LEGO replicates the features and design of the much-loved 4x4 vehicle with excellent visual and functional detail. Even if the Defender 90 doesn't have a soft spot in your heart, its complexity should attract anyone who's an off-road adventurer or a LEGO aficionado.

Here's what you're building

Coming in at $239.99, The LEGO Classic Land Rover Defender 90 set contains 2,573 pieces, and allows builders to create a 1:18 scale vehicle model — in either standard or off-roading configurations. The model measures 11 inches long, and includes recognizable elements such as the car's unique shape, round headlights, authentic interior details, and the Land Rover logo.

In addition to its visual accuracy, the set also includes several functional and customizable components to create a more interactive building experience. These features include a working winch, a four-speed sequential gearbox, and two options for detailed engines with moving pistons.

The model also has operational doors, a removable roof rack and work lights, three hood options, and a foldable rear seat. To mimic the off-roading capabilities of the original, the LEGO Land Rover Defender 90 is equipped with a working suspension, four-wheel drive, and a fully articulated steering system.

If it sounds like a lot, that's because it is. LEGO recommends this set for anyone aged 18 years or older. This is a testament to the high attention to detail from LEGO that most children probably couldn't manage without an adult, and the patience you'll need to successfully build one. You can grab your set starting April 1 via official LEGO stores, or from its website if you're a VIP member. General sales will commence on April 4.