It's About To Get A Lot Easier To Find A New Ford F-150 Lightning Or Mustang Mach-E

Yesterday, it was announced that Ford is reportedly reigniting the fires of production to get the production schedule of the F-150 Lightning EV back on track after a long series of delays. Issues with the battery shut down the production line for several weeks, while the absolutely wild demand for the vehicle meant each vehicle was sold fast. The Lightning's EV sibling, the Mustang Mach-E, has also enjoyed incredible demand in the face of numerous delays.

Ford has been going at full-tilt to engineer and produce EVs that are good enough for wide scale adoption. That will accomplish two vital goals for the Big Blue Oval: First, it will allow Ford to beat Tesla at its own game. Second, Ford can lead the charge towards more sustainably powered cars. Now, Ford is planning to further increase production for a good chunk of its lineup to both satisfy customer demand and beat other EV makers to the punch.

Ford is getting fired up for EVs and hybrids

Today in a press release, Ford announced it was making a host of changes to the production schedule of at least seven vehicles. That includes the Bronco Sport, the perpetually out-of-stock Ford Maverick, the Mustang Mach-E, the F-150 Lightning, the Ford Transit van and its EV version, and finally the F-150 and its hybrid counterpart, the F-150 Powerboost.

Ford hopes to accomplish this by adding a third crew and 1,100 union jobs to its Kansas City Assembly Plant — the factory that makes the Transit vans — and turbocharging production at its Dearborn Truck Plant where it makes the gas-powered and hybrid F-150s. By the end of the year with the new production push, Ford hopes it can make 150,000 Lightnings per year at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

If all goes according to plan, EV Fords are going to be easier to find at dealerships across the country. Now it's time to wait and see if the new production changes can meet up with the huge demand.