The Fastest Ways To Charge Your New Samsung Galaxy S23 Phone

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Samsung's next-generation flagship phones are available now. The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra are all fine pocket computers, but like all smartphones, they need to be charged to work. While it's not as impressive as the 80-watt charging in a phone like the OnePlus 11, Samsung's phones are capable of fast charging as well. 

The S23 Ultra and S23 Plus can both charge at up to 45 watts, while the S23 can charge at up to 25 watts. If you're more of a wireless charging fan, all three phones are capable of wireless charging at 15 watts, but there's one problem with all that.

Samsung stopped shipping charging bricks in the box with the Galaxy S21 series, and two years later, that tradition continues. So, what is a smartphone user to do? As luck (and, you know, commerce) would have it, several other companies have taken up the slack and built chargers that are capable of topping off your new Samsung smartphone in a jiffy. Here are some of our favorite chargers that can top off your brand-new Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung and Anker

What's important to understand is we never said Samsung didn't make a charger that will charge the Galaxy S23. Samsung makes a bunch of them, but it no longer ships chargers in the box and is sold separately. Samsung's official charging brick comes in the 45-watt variety for the S23 Ultra, which will also charge the 25-watt S23 and S23 Plus. Samsung's official charger retails for $49.99.

Of course, if you want to go the third-party route, Anker has a charger that it developed for the S23 Ultra called the Anker 313 Ace foldable charger. This charger, like Samsung's official charger, packs up to 45 watts of power in a slightly smaller, but wider package. There are two benefits you get from using the Ace charger: The first is that it costs less, at just $29.99, and the prongs fold up into the body, making this easier to pack and carry around.

Whichever way you decide to go, Samsung says the Galaxy S23 Ultra will charge from 0 to 65% in 30 minutes, while the S23 and S23 Plus will get 50% in the same amount of time.

All-in-One charging

If you're looking for more of a universal option or a single plug that can charge anything, then Anker and Mophie both have good options for you. All three of these options are GaN chargers; GaN stands for gallium nitride, which is a relatively new technology in the mobile charging space. GaN technology allows chargers to be smaller and more efficient.

Mophie has a 67-watt GaN charger with two USB-C ports which can charge your Galaxy smartphone and/or your laptop. Like the other third-party chargers in this list, the prongs fold up into the body of the charger, making it easy to pack and carry. You can grab one from Amazon for $59.95.

Meanwhile, Anker has a pair of options in the 735 and 737 chargers. They are capable of charging at 65 and 120 watts respectively. Both of these chargers have two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, so you can use them in any variety of ways up to their maximum output. 

Further, Anker has developed "power IQ," which distributes power throughout the charger based on need. If you plug in a laptop that's almost dead and a Samsung smartphone that's at 85%, the plug will pump more power to the laptop than the phone, which is pretty cool and useful.

Wireless charging options

If you're interested in being futuristic, wireless charging is a great way to go, with plenty of options to choose from. The first is an official Samsung product called the Wireless Charger Trio. This is a wireless charger that can charge two devices on the flat plate, and a Galaxy Watch in the cradle on the end. It retails for $89.99, and it's available on Samsung's website.

If you want something with a little more style and class, we love this Einova charging stone. It supports up to 15 watts of wireless charging, but the charging deck itself is made of natural stone. It's available in a variety of stones and finishes, including marble. You can buy one at Einova's website for $69.99

Finally, if you want to live that MagSafe life with your Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can with the Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring. Basically, this case puts a MagSafe-compatible magnetic ring on the back of your S23 Ultra, meaning you can use any MagSafe (or Spigen's own OneTap) accessory with the S23 Ultra. 

If you have any MagSafe accessories, and you're thinking about shifting over to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, this case can keep your accessories useful. You can pick it up from Spigen's website for $49.99