Why Ram Has Stopped Taking Reservations For The 1500 REV All-Electric Truck

Electrification of the automotive space has been picking up pace in recent years, largely thanks to the demonstrable success of auto-makers like Tesla. EVs have taken all shapes and sizes, from compact city cars like the stylish Hyundai Ioniq 5, to luxurious family SUVs like the Tesla Model X.

However, until recently, the pickup truck market has been resistant to winds of change. Sure, Ford released the F-150 Lightning, but that only happened in 2021, and its competition has taken a while to catch up. Now, the competition has caught up: Rivian started shipping the impressive R1T late in 2021, while Ram launched its 1500 REV in February 2023.

While the details on the Ram 1500 REV are scant thus far, it appears to be a handsome vehicle, even if it only slightly resembles the 1500 Revolution BEV concept we saw at CES in January. Ram claims that it will set the standard when it comes to capability, payload, range, and towing. 

The truck will also feature vehicle-to-home charging, and vehicle-to-vehicle charging, in addition to a large frunk and a healthy helping of interior displays. One common issue with electric pickups, though, is meeting demand; as seen with both the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T. Unfortunately, it seems that Ram fans will face a similar fate, as Ram has stopped taking reservations for its electric pickup.

An overwhelming response to Ram's electric pickup

Reservations for the Ram 1500 REV are managed through the REV Insider+ program, and require a refundable $100 membership fee. Now, as first spotted by users on the Ram 1500 Revolution Forum, the automaker is no longer accepting reservations for the Ram 1500 REV pickup, despite reservations for the electric pickup opening just seven days prior, on February 10, 2023.

It might seem surprising to see reservations for an electric pickup close so soon after opening, but the timing might not be a coincidence. Shortly after Ram revealed the name of the 1500 REV, it ran a rather amusing Super Bowl ad to an audience of 113 million viewers, according to Statista.

Ram has not clarified how many reservations it has received, nor has the company made any statements about when reservations will re-open, but it had earlier stated that it would start delivering production units in 2024. On the membership terms and conditions page, Ram makes it clear that registrations were intended to remain open until February 28, 2023, meaning not even Ram expected its pickup to generate this much interest. 

If you're particularly excited about the 1500 REV, you can still sign up to the REV Insider+ mailing list to find out when reservations reopen — a kind of pre-order for a pre-order.