Here's How Much The Ford Ranger Can Actually Tow, And It's More Than You Might Expect

The Ford Ranger has endeared midsize truck buyers despite making a premature debut in 2019. We say "premature" since the "new" Ranger has been available in other parts of the world before making its much-awaited U.S. comeback. Then again, it didn't deter buyers from flocking to Ford dealerships, and news of an all-new fifth-gen Ranger is making potential buyers weak in the knees. 

Edmunds said the 2024 Ford Ranger is two inches wider and has a two-inch longer wheelbase to complement its redesigned sheet metal. There are rumors of a hybrid variant, too, and it's not too far off since its compact Maverick stablemate has a standard hybrid powertrain.

Despite the imminent arrival of the all-new Ford Ranger in the early summer or fall of 2023, early adopters of the outgoing variant are all praises for the truck's stout towing capabilities. According to Ford, the Ranger could pull 3,500 pounds in its standard configuration, and up to 7,500 pounds when equipped with the optional trailer towing package. With that in mind, it's time to put meaning into those numbers to find out how much the Ford Ranger could tow in day-to-day applications.

How much can I tow with a Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger's 7,500-pound towing capacity (when properly equipped) is remarkable for the pickup's midsize status. Motor Trend adds the Ranger has a best-in-class maximum payload of 1,905 pounds, but it's not ideal for pulling or carrying overly massive loads. Despite this, the Ranger would have no problem towing small campers, boats, or a trailer filled with dirt bikes or ATVs.

For context, a Catalina 275 Sport tips the scales at 5,900 pounds, while a livestock trailer with two or three horses would weigh about the same. Moreover, the Ranger could pull an average-sized car trailer (about 1,900 pounds) with a 3,000-pound sedan (like a Honda Civic) on top. If you need to pull heavier or bigger loads, a half-ton truck like a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado will satisfy your whims.

The Ford Ranger is a genuine workhorse for its size. However, despite its impressive 7,500-pound towing capacity, we highly recommend not exceeding the truck's 12,500-pound maximum GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating), which is the combined weight of the cargo, passengers, and the trailer behind the truck. Keep this in mind before shopping for a new Ranger.