Honda Planning New Hydrogen Powered Car, Co-Developed With General Motors

Electric vehicles seem to be the new path forward when it comes to widespread commonplace alternative fuel technology for the average consumer. Already, dozens of major automakers are hard at work making EVs more affordable and have longer ranges. But there are other automotive technologies in development, EVs just get all the spotlight and it's the closest to reality in 2023. One such technology is using hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles. 

Honda has been notably absent in the EV game in the United States but has been a longtime proponent of using hydrogen fuel cells. In the past, the technology was used commercially, albeit in limited numbers, with the Honda Clarity fuel cell for the 2021 model year. Now, according to a Honda press release, the company is teaming up with none other than General Motors to aggressively lower the cost and ramp up production of the fuel cell technology. 

Honda's hydrogen-powered future

Per a Honda press release, Honda wants to have new a fuel cell-powered vehicle by 2024 and it's partnering up with GM for help. In comparison to the Honda Clarity fuel cell from previous years, Honda is working to make the new cells cost a third as much and be twice as durable. By 2030, Honda hopes it can make strides to halve the 2024 cost and make it even more durable. In addition to passenger cars, Honda wants to put the technology in everything from heavy trucks to space vehicles. 

In a couple of years, the company wants to sell 2,000 hydrogen fuel cell units per year. Seven years from now, Honda wants upwards of 60,000 units sold, and by 2035 into 2040, it plans for a "few hundred thousand" units per year. According to Honda, this is all part of the company's wider plan for complete carbon neutrality by 2050.

Back in November of 2022, Honda announced that its first hydrogen-powered vehicle for 2024 will be based on the existing CR-V. Several hundred thousand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road in the span of a couple of decades is a lofty, but worthy goal from Honda.