Volvo's New Truck Proves It Has What It Takes To Give The Tesla Semi A Run For Its Money

As of now, the Tesla Semi has stolen the spotlight when it comes to EV semi-trucks. Despite all the controversy with Tesla's habit of being not exactly forthcoming with vehicle capability, the Tesla Semi has proven that it's at least capable of doing what Tesla says it can do.

It can haul well over the maximum allowable load for tractor trailers, the interior amenities are spartan, but its more than enough for single-day hauls. Plus, 500 miles of EV range isn't anything to sneeze at. If (and that's a huge "if") Tesla can figure out how to confidently fight its seemingly eternal battle with getting vehicles out on time, the Tesla Semi could be a game changer.

Competition is brewing in the world of EV big rigs. Volvo has its own EV semi truck for European markets — the Volvo FH cabover — and it just broke an early EV semi record.

Volvo's shot at Tesla

When it comes to pure specifications, the Volvo FH isn't particularly impressive compared to the Tesla Semi. For range, it can only go 300km (about 186 miles) before the batteries can run dry, according to Volvo. That means you'll have to recharge rather often when hauling over long distances. But even with that deficiency, a Volvo FH hauling oranges managed to complete the longest distance drive ever by an EV semi, reports Electrek

Balint Schell drove the EV semi a total of 1,864 miles between Zurich, Switzerland and Valencia, Spain. According to Electrek, the truck had to recharge upwards of 20 times and the trip took seven days. For a diesel truck, that is slow, but a record is still a record. 

The Volvo FH is designed for European roads and trucking practices, so it's not a long-haul monster by American standards. However, it may give Tesla something to worry about in the future, and shows that Volvo is a serious competitor.