Does The Tesla Semi Have A Sleeper Cabin Or Passenger Seat?

When hauling freight across the country, a semi-tractor trailer's cab has to act as a home away from home for the driver. According to Freightliner, one of the largest manufacturers of semi-trucks, a long-haul trucker can spend a hundred hours in the cab a week. Semi-truck interiors have to cater to the driver's needs, keeping them safe, alert, well-rested, and ready for the next day of driving. Sleeper cab trucks, as the name entails, allow the driver to sleep in the truck and not have to worry about lodging throughout a trip. 

Modern sleeper cabs from truck makers like Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Kenworth are all packed to the gills with conveniences like refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, and closets to ensure the driver is as comfortable as possible. With the new Tesla Semi delivered in December 2022, it's worth looking at the EV semi's interior and seeing if it's up to the task for the long haul. 

The Tesla Semi's creature comforts

The Tesla Semi interior is notable for its center-mounted captain's chair and dual screens showing information to the driver. It's not a conventional semi-truck cab setup. 

As for driver amenities, it has a wireless charging pad, a coat hook, and an extra jump seat in the back for passengers. It does not, however, have any sleeping arrangements for the driver. It's strictly a day cab configuration, meaning it's not suited for trips that take multiple days.

Tesla's Semi is impressive in many different ways. It's fast, efficient, and capable of hauling enough weight to keep up with its diesel counterparts, but it isn't the perfect truck for every hauling scenario. With its comparatively spartan interior and maximum range of 500 miles, the Tesla Semi is better for regional hauling than cross-country trips. Those will have to remain the territory of diesel-powered vehicles for now.