Amazon Reportedly Axing Jeremy Clarkson Shows After Harry & Meghan Comments

Amazon Prime Video is the current home of both "The Grand Tour" and "Clarkson's Farm." The former serves as a spiritual successor of sorts to the incredibly popular seasons of the BBC's "Top Gear" when Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson were hosts. "Clarkson's Farm," on the other hand, chronicles Clarkson's life and work on a farm he recently purchased in the English countryside.

Clarkson, a TV host familiar with controversy, moved to Amazon's streaming platform after he was let go from the BBC back in 2015 for a long list of behaviors the network deemed inappropriate. Now, it looks like he's has landed himself in the spotlight again for some rather offensive comments directed towards Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's wife, according to Variety. The comments were reportedly severe enough that Amazon is considering end its ongoing deal with Jeremy Clarkson.

The host is in hot water again

Variety reports that after a December column, penned by Clarkson and published by The Sun, was critical of Markle and laden with offensive comments, Amazon is very likely going to end its working relationship with him. That will essentially spell the end of "Clarkson's Farm" after the release of the currently commissioned seasons. "The Grand Tour" was already on its final season.

Clarkson released a statement on Instagram, apologizing for his comments about Markle. But that was likely not enough as press events surrounding Clarkson's Farm have already been cancelled. The press events were scheduled prior to the column in question being published. 

Clarkson says the streaming service is not at all pleased. But, as of now, Amazon has declined to make official statement on the matter, according to Variety. Neither James May nor Richard Hammond, his cohosts on "The Grand Tour," have made any statements regarding Clarkson's future employment as of yet.