Meta Quest 2 Accessories That Will Enhance Your VR Gaming Experience

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With its snug, yet cozy design, reliable and responsive Touch Controllers, and a large and continuously growing library of VR games and experiences, it's easy to see why Meta Quest 2 owners are enjoying the platform. However, with the right accessories, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset will feel much more comfortable, its battery will last twice as long, and your pricy investment will be protected from the tech-breaking accidents that happen when you least expect them.

Everyone wants to get the most out of their VR games, and while your experience may be fun now, games will become even more immersive when their user has upgraded their Meta Quest 2 experience with a few accessories. Those include the best face interface to fit their head, advanced controllers, a pair of earbuds, headphones, or speakers , and other high-end accessories that are aimed at making top-tier VR games sound, look, and play their best.

Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers

It's true that the pair of Touch Controllers that were bundled with your Meta Quest 2 will certainly get you through most games and VR experiences with little to no problem, however, a set of Touch Pro Controllers will deliver a far more accurate representation of your real-world motions within the virtual spaces you're exploring.

For example, you may be able to create a crude doodle with the controllers you already own, but with a set of Touch Pro Controllers, you'll be able to make surprisingly accurate drawing motions by utilizing its integrated stylus tip. In addition, the Touch Pro edition allows for precise pinching movements and haptic feedback to your thumb and pointer finger. And as a valuable bonus add-on, it includes a compact charging stand for its built-in rechargeable batteries.

A set of Touch Pro Controllers will set you back $300 — so they're not cheap, but they're worth the cost.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery

You may scoff at the thought of investing in a $120 headset strap for your Meta Quest 2, however, the additional comfort and extended playtime per charge make this a worthy accessory. It takes seconds to swap out the original VR headset strap with the Elite Strap, and if you feel that the headset's weight distribution detracts from the overall VR experience, there is a good chance that the rear-mounted additional battery sufficiently balances it out for a more comfortable fit overall.

Comfort aside, the other reason to pick up a Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap is that this accessory and its bonus battery approximately doubles the headset's battery life between charges. No one likes to see that "low battery" notification, and both marathon VR gamers and those who enjoy socializing with VR friends for hours on end will appreciate being able to play for far longer than the default Meta Quest 2 experience.

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset for Meta Quest 2

Whether you are playing a competitive game or need to lose yourself in the ambiance of the VR universe you're in, a quality headset will ensure your audio game is on-point. Logitech designed the G PRO Gaming Headset to be worn comfortably with a Meta Quest 2 headset, unlike other models which may not feel quite right when combined with this VR system.

Its soft leatherette ear cups feel cozy, but more importantly, they are especially effective at reducing real-world noise so you can focus on defeating your foes and chatting with your new VR friends. The G PRO sports crisp audio and deep bass, too — we daresay better than what the headset's audio system offers on its own, anyway.  

The earphones are light, so the additional gear on your head will be relatively negligible in the grand scheme of things. Especially active Meta Quest 2 players should consider the G PRO's rugged design as well since accidents happen when you're really getting into lively titles like "Beat Saber."

Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds

Hearing and seeing the enemies, effects, and ambiance within your VR games at the exact same moment easily cranks up the immersion to the next level, and the only earbuds made for the Meta Quest 2 platform do exactly that with their sub-30ms low latency design.

Although a pair of Soundcore earbuds were optimized for Meta Quest 2, from the seamless passthrough charging feature as you charge the headset and earbuds at once, to the rich bass sound, they are easy to connect to a variety of game consoles such as the PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch and smart devices via Bluetooth. While many VR owners may be interested in the comfortable earbuds and the quality sound they produce, others will want to wear them exclusively with their Meta Quest 2 headset to seamlessly switch their audio to an incoming call without interrupting gameplay.

A set of Soundcore Wireless VR Earbuds should be on the radar for anyone who particularly enjoys playing active VR games such as "The Climb 2" and "Totally Baseball" because of their IPX4 water and sweat-resistant design.

Meta Quest 2 Fit Pack

As comfortable as the Meta Quest 2 headset was when you first unboxed it, you may be surprised at how much better VR gaming feels with a personalized fit. This $50 headset upgrade includes two sets of light blockers and matching facial interfaces that not only completely prevent annoying light from peering in from around the bridge of your nose, but it allows for a much cozier experience.

While $50 may sound like a lot for what may seem like a small upgrade, keeping every ray of invasive light out of your VR game can make all the difference. You could be exploring the creepy castles and villages of "Resident Evil 4," where the darkness should keep you terrified — but those little slivers of light keep creeping in. That, and an added level of comfort may make the difference between playing longer with friends or needing a break because the core headset isn't as comfortable as it should be.

Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case

If you've spent at least $400 on a new Meta Quest 2 VR set, games, controllers, and other accessories, please do yourself a massive favor by protecting your investment when you're not playing. The official $60 carrying case is a featherweight, yet surprisingly durable pack with compartments to securely store a Meta Quest 2 VR headset, Elite head strap, a pair of Touch Controllers, and both a power adapter and charging cable.

Keeping your Meta Quest 2 VR gear safe is essential whether you're storing it in a closet, taking it to a friend's home, or traveling with it, and your future self with thank you for taking the time to shield your pricy gaming equipment. It may be tempting to save a little money by tossing your Meta Quest 2 headset and accessories into a bag you already own, but the molded internal padding of the official carrying case will go much farther to ensure that your gear makes it from point A to point B than your old backpack will.

Anker Charging Dock for Meta Quest 2

No matter whether you are gaming with the Meta Quest 2, a console, a PC, or another platform, no one likes to manage the battery life of their accessories any more than they have to. The ability to place your Meta Quest 2 headset and pair of Touch Controllers onto Anker's charging dock whenever you're done playing and to come back to a fully recharged VR setup is well worth the $99 price of admission.

The charging dock's slim design makes it easy to place wherever you need it, the Touch Controllers and headset charging compartments snugly hold the accessories in place as they are being charged, and its intuitive design automatically shuts down the headset and controllers the moment they reach a complete charge. Anker's charging set includes a pair of rechargeable Touch Controller batteries that support up to 500 charges, saving Meta Quest 2 fans a lot of money otherwise spent on disposable batteries in that time.

Logitech Chorus

Although immersive sound design can make or break how well a VR game is received, some players have a difficult time enjoying VR experiences with clunky headphones worn alongside their VR headsets, or noise-canceling earbuds. Logitech created a handy solution with an official addon for the Meta 2 Quest with the Chorus; a pair of speakers that attach to the headset without covering your ears. This device's pair of quality speakers run off of the Meta 2 Quest's power supply, becoming a part of the headset so you hear your game's sound piped in from around your head in a more lifelike manner, and is a far more comfortable option as opposed to unwieldy headphones or earbuds.

The Logitech Chorus runs that fine middle line between deep immersion and the ability to hear the world around you, and although anyone in the same room will surely hear your VR worlds too, the Chorus is instantly muted by rotating its speakers upward. Although this $100 accessory adds a minimal amount of additional weight to your headset, it's worth the price of admission for Meta 2 Quest players who need the option of hearing what's going on in reality while exploring virtual reality.

Meta Quest 2 Active Pack

Since the Meta Quest 2 store is full of exciting action-packed VR games like "SUPERHOT VR" and "Eleven Table Tennis," energetic gamers should take a moment to outfit their VR setup with an Active Pack to help prevent accidents while thrashing about in your favorite games.

For $70, the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack includes a set of adjustable knuckle straps and wrist straps to keep your Touch Controllers safely in your hands, as well as a sweatproof face interface that is easily wiped down, which is handy for anyone whose gaming doubles as their workout.

If you think that buying a set of wrist and knuckle straps for your VR controllers isn't for you, a simple video search for Nintendo Wii-related controller-throwing accidents should change your mind. If a set of protective straps saves your controller, 4K TV, and wallet, you'll thank yourself the next time you lose yourself in a game of "Real VR Fishing."

D-Link VR Air Bridge

Although your home's Wi-Fi connection may provide an overall solid VR gaming experience for the Meta Quest 2, installing a D-Link VR Air Bridge to create an ultra-low latency miniature Wi-Fi network to wirelessly connect your headset to your PC delivers a far smoother in-game experience.

In addition to opening up your VR gameplay to a wider range of motion, a $100 D-Link VR Air Bridge is an easy way to upgrade VR games and experiences that may have felt too awkward or the wireless connection felt too laggy for reliably fun play via its fast direct Wi-Fi 6 connection. This Wi-Fi boosting accessory is a top pick for Meta Quest 2 owners who need to pull off fast and fluid moves for that important competitive edge in their favorite action games, express themselves to the fullest with friends in social VR experiences, and enjoy reliably smooth VR exercise routines.