Who Is The 'Flute Guy' Who Stole The Show At The 2022 Game Awards?

If you didn't tune into The Game Awards last night, you missed out. The steady procession of world premiere trailers and new announcements were E3-like, and the anticipation to see which developers, studios, and talent walked away with top honors encouraged healthy debate and much applause.

The performances were pretty special too. After a grand opening by Al Pacino to announce the winner of best performance, we saw a chilling number by Halsey to commemorate the forthcoming launch of "Diablo IV," someone doing their best Crash impersonation to promote a new multiplayer game featuring everyone's favorite furry platformer, and an inspiring symphony by an orchestra that had a few memorable characters of its own.

While the main percussionist was also a sight to behold, much of the internet latched onto a person the industry is now affectionately referring to as "the flute guy." He was seated centrally in the orchestra, playing his instrument of choice (here's a brief clip) with a Chris Farley-like energy that was arguably even more captivating than the gaming-inspired tunes they played. His shining moment was a masterful fist pump as he blew through the climax of a section that commemorated Game of the Year nominees, all without skipping a beat. And his real name is Pedro Eustache.

An impressive career, with or without an orchestra

Eustache's resume runs deep, according to his profile at Hans Zimmer Live. He's a world-class woodwind master who not only plays instruments, but creates, collects, and teaches them too. His career spans nearly four decades, having gotten his start studying under his brother, Michel Eustache, and a smattering of other musicians in his home country of Venezuela.

It's said Eustache has over 600 instruments in his collection, a true testament to his love for music. His passion translated into an impressive career, from performative acts at state-sponsored dinners to scoring blockbuster films like "Pirates of the Caribbean" (for which he won an award as a soloist, according to Soundtrack Collector) and "The Passion of the Christ." He has also worked with Hans Zimmer, Paul McCartney, and went on to play in a "Game of Thrones" live music tour in 2017.

According to Moby Games, Eustache also had a hand in music for a few video games, including "StarCraft II," "Diablo III," and "Angry Birds," which might explain his infectious passion and energy on display at The Game Awards. Surely, the next studio looking for an epic soundtrack to drive their epic narrative might want to consider cutting him a fat check.