Death Stranding 2 Made Official With Secret-Filled Trailer

Hideo Kojima made an appearance at The Game Awards 2022, and as many had suspected, he announced the sequel to his acclaimed game "Death Stranding." Currently in development under the working title of "Death Stranding 2" and referred to as "DS2," we also got our first glimpse at the game that is developed using the Decima Engine.

The short trailer is heavy on Fragile, a character played by "Lea Seydoux" who also appeared in the first game. We see the character trying to protect a child against unseen assailants in a familiar post-apocalyptic world infested with the deadly BTs. The trailer is as wild and mysterious as one would expect from a Kojima project, but the gaming legend himself refused to reveal any of the secrets on the stage.

The biggest moment of the trailer is reserved for the end when Sam Bridges — played by Norman Reedus — appears shirtless, ready to embark on another journey with Fragile. Elle Fanning is playing an unseen character in the upcoming game, while acclaimed game voice actor Troy Baker is making a return for the sequel.

A mysterious character and new project

The trailer for "Death Stranding 2" also shows a mysterious new character donning a red mask and outlandish attire topped off with a guitar. This character doesn't look human at all but somehow feels pivotal to the storyline given the attention it gets in the trailer.

Kojima says he is leaving things ambiguous in the first reveal, and it is up to the fans to dig up the tiny details sprinkled throughout the dramatic trailer. Interestingly, Kojima says he rewrote "Death Stranding 2's" entire story from scratch after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. For now, there is no word when Kojima's next "Death Stranding" title will hit the shelves.

Kojima also mentioned that he is working on a secret new project alongside "Death Stranding's" next edition. It's going to be something different, and in the famed video game designer's own words, he is experimenting this time around. However, this just might be the project that Kojima announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in June this year, claiming that this is one game he has always wanted to make.