Destiny 2: Lightfall Expansion Gets New Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer just dropped for "Destiny 2: Lightfall," the latest expansion for the popular MMO shooter. Coming March 1, 2023, Bungie dropped in-game footage along with hints of upcoming raids and other content at tonight's 2022 Game Awards. 

Since the first release in the series in 2014, "Destiny" and "Destiny 2" have been dominant forces in online gaming, ranking among the most popular massively multiplayer titles on the marketplace. Since the series' game-as-a-service reinvention, the "Destiny 2" team has used expansions to level up and build out the sci-fantasy setting, add new lore, and give dedicated players the chance to explore diverse approaches to character design and gameplay. 

The latest build, "Lightfall," promises even more content for long-term "Destiny" fans. That said, the kinetic action and unfolding plot may be even more appealing to new players looking for a place to start. Here's what we know about "Destiny's" latest step forward.

Choose your Destiny

As we've reported in the past, "Destiny" has a complex relationship with expansions and downloadable content. Per Bungie's current design strategy, "Destiny 2" is the end of the series; there will be no "Destiny 3." Instead, "Destiny 2" will receive ongoing support, with more playable content, character options, quests, and loot. That being the case, "Destiny 2's" various expansions have received a whole spectrum of reactions from fans, ranging from passionate buy-in to fiery condemnation as profit-driven padding.

Based on the trailer, "Lightfall" seems committed to adding new content and experiences. All footage was in-game and strongly featured a more kinetic take on combat. The voiceover also teased new raids and exciting new options in plot and character choice. More to the point, "Destiny 2" debuting new content at the Game Awards, after picking up major awards at the show every year since 2019, shows confidence that the new content will be well-received. "Destiny 2: Lightfall" will hit physical and digital shelves on February 28, 2023.