The Most Luxurious Features Of Mariah Carey's 1.8 Million Dollar RV

All I want for Christmas is you: A nearly $2 million motor home. Or, if you're talking celebrity parlance, the hipper term is "mobile estate." Because no self-respecting superstar would ever be caught trucking around in a Winnebago, right?

In the same way that Mariah Carey has been this generation's voice of Christmas, Anderson Mobile Estates has been the maker of ultra-swanky motor coaches for the rich and famous for the better part of two decades. Its clientele is replete with A-list celebs like Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and even Former President Bill Clinton.

We know Smith purchased the first prototype for a cool $2.5 million in the early 2000s, so Carey's classy cruiser was likely among the first handful of Anderson land yachts. Dubbed "The Lounge," Mimi's 1,200 square foot, two-story mobile manor has a $7,000 couch, two tons of marvel and stone, and a nightclub.

While some sources claim that Carey procured her rig in 2015, an episode of "Access Hollywood," in which the TV host not only tours the bus but interviews Carey about it, points to a much earlier time frame.

During the segment, an on-screen blurb says "The Emancipation of Mimi" would be in stores on March 22. A scroll along the bottom also displays "Coming Attractions," touting J-Lo would face off against Jane Fonda in the comedy film "Monster-in-Law" on May 13. Another says the post-apocalyptic thriller "V for Vendetta" starring Natalie Portman would hit theaters on November 4. All three of those things came out in 2005 ... not 2015.

Pop the top and dance the night away

Upon entering you are immediately met by a makeup station with an oversized mirror ringed by "true" makeup lights. On the opposite wall behind the seat is an offset television so the Queen of Christmas can watch her favorite program (through the mirror) while getting properly primped. Dark wood lines the floors, top and bottom (via HotCars). 

This segues into a lounge with a curvy 15-foot custom couch ($7,000) and a 65" Samsung 9000 connected to a Genelec studio-grade 5.1 surround sound system. The left side slides out 35 feet while the right slides out 25 feet to create a 600-square-foot space for her entourage.

The full gourmet kitchen includes a convection microwave, two-burner induction stove top, Sub-Zero hideaway fridge, and a $4,000 LeveLuk SD501 Platinum Kangen water system. Granite stairs lead from the kitchen to a second floor, where the roof pop-ups via hydraulics to reveal what designer RJ Anderson calls a "skyscraper on wheels" (per Daily Mail via AOL Celebrity Motor Homes).

Huge windows run down each side of the bus providing a nearly 360-degree uninterrupted panoramic view, while a 35-foot wrap-around couch seats 30 people. Not only can the lights be dimmed, but it comes with a color wheel that can turn the area into a proverbial nightclub. Big 60-inch televisions on either end of the room round out the entertainment area (via AOL Celebrity Motor Homes).

Anderson Mobile Estates also operates the 7744 Ranch, a resort outside Austin, Texas, where anyone can book a stay in a previously-owned-by-a-celebrity motor home. One of the five listed is "The Lounge." However, a promotional video not only says it once belonged to Jennifer Lopez (not Mariah Carey) but looks precisely like Mariah Carey's from the 2005 "Access Hollywood" segment. 

Now, all we really want for Christmas is some clarification in this great camper caper.