The Most Luxurious Features Of Will Smith's Extraordinary $2.5 Million Motorhome

Expensive mansions and superyachts are not the only ways that the rich and famous splurge. They also spend lots of money buying lavish RVs too. Celebrities from Justin Bieber to Mariah Carey are known to live a mobile lifestyle when they are on the road doing promotional tours or working on set. So, it should come as no surprise that actor Will Smith owns a luxury motorhome as well. He has starred in eight back-to-back number one films that grossed $100 million in the United States alone from 2002 to 2008 and reportedly bought the trailer in that period during the early 2000s.

Say hello to "The Heat," Smith's out-of-this-world $2.5 million, 55-foot motorhome. It is said to be among the most expensive RVs in the world and was customized based on another trailer that the actor had liked. Unlike your regular trailer, this 22-wheel motorhome is huge. It has two stories and comes with a bunch of state-of-the-art furnishings to make it feel like the hard-working actor's home away from home. When it's not being used by the celebrity actor, it can be rented out for $9000 a week (via Auto Evolution).

"We want to go above and beyond. We want to take everything to the next level," said Mackenzie Anderson, a designer from Anderson Mobile Estates, the company that designed the luxury trailer Smith owns.

The Heat is not conventional

HGTV's "Celebrity Motorhomes" went on a tour of Will Smith's "Heat" to check out its insane luxury interior. By pressing a button, it morphs into an upscale space with slide-outs that extend the living area, plus an extra one that pushes the roof out by 42 inches using eight pressurized pistons. Once you step inside, the $200,000 kitchen granite finishing and high-tech installations throughout the trailer give it the look and feel of a Beverly Hills mansion. Downstairs, there is a full kitchen and a lounge area that is ideal for the actor to relax with family and friends. There is also a private lounge that doubles as a wardrobe and professional make-up room while he's working.

One quirky feature that it has is the doors, which look like they were lifted from an episode of Star Trek. Not only are they automatic, they also make a space-age sound upon opening. But that's not all. It has a $25,000 massive bathroom that runs the width of the trailer and has a sauna shower with a glass door that can turn from clear to opaque using a remote control.

From the looks of it, the trailer doesn't seem to have bedrooms. Instead, it features a 30-person screening room that can be used for meetings and also for watching "dailies" or raw footage from a film. There is plush seating on each side and is decked out with several screens including a 100-inch drop-down TV.