How Much Nissan's Wallbox Home Charger Actually Costs

The Nissan Leaf was one of the first mass produced popular EVs and for years was the only competent entry-level option for drivers who wanted to embrace the EV lifestyle without shelling out the cash for a much pricier Tesla Model S. Nowadays, cars like the Chevy Bolt are the new popular entry level, but the Nissan Leaf is still chugging along. And with an MSRP of $29,135 (not including federal tax credits), it's still one of the lower priced EVs around. 

Fully optioned out, the Nissan Leaf maxes out at an estimated 212 miles of range (per Nissan). That's not spectacular compared to a new Chevy Bolt which tops out at 259 estimated miles before the battery runs dry. But, despite the drawbacks, the Nissan Leaf is still one of the more popular EV options. The Nissan Ariya crossover is the brand's newest addition to its EV offerings and it's a step up in both range and price from the Nissan Leaf. It has a maximum range of 304 miles with the extended battery, but the beefier models, like the Ariya Venture+, start at $47,190.

Earlier this year, Nissan teamed up with Wallbox, a company that specializes in EV charging solutions, and made a level 2 charger purpose-built for Nissans, including the new Ariya. But how much does the new Nissan charger cost if you want to have the benefits of level 2 charging right at home? 

Nissan's home charging solution

Unlike other major EV manufacturers like Tesla, Rivian, Ford, or Chevy, Nissan doesn't have a first party charger it actually makes itself. It's a Wallbox branded unit. This can be a good thing for Nissan as it doesn't need to spend massive amounts of money developing an entirely new charger. According to Wallbox, the charger will work with most EVs on the road today, but the partnership with NIssan allows customers to buy the charger and arrange for installation right when they order their car from Nissan.

At $699 for the 48-amp model, the charger isn't exactly inexpensive. The charger also includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant functionality. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers, Wallbox includes estimates for installation which start at $1,095 and the price will go up depending on how many feet of electrical conduit you need and a variety of other factors. On the plus side, customers aren't locked into any specific brand after the charger is installed.