What's The Worst-Looking Current Mercedes-Benz Model? Here's What Car Fans Said - SlashGear Survey

Mercedes-Benz is one of the best-selling luxury car brands in the United States. Last year, it sold 329,665 cars in the U.S. — this makes it the third best-selling German car brand in the U.S. after Volkswagen and BMW. Like most German car brands, Mercedes-Benz is known for its exquisite design. Not to mention, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are renowned for their comfort and performance.

However, Mercedes-Benz's designs have evolved over the years — from iconic cars such as the Mercedes-Benz SSK, 300 SL, 500 E, and 300 SD to modern designed models like the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and Mercedes-Benz GLC. The automaker has also developed a lineup of electric vehicles like the EQS.

According to Mercedes-Benz, its latest cars are a blend of traditional and modern designs. Before they're mass-produced, the cars go through a design process that involves rendering, clay modeling, interior sketching, and color selection. Every little detail of a Mercedes-Benz car is rigorously analyzed for perfection. Despite that, not every Mercedes-Benz car design is considered attractive by consumers — well, it depends on who you ask. So, we did a survey to find out the worst-looking current Mercedes-Benz models.

Most people think the E-Class is the worst-looking Mercedes-Benz

In a SlashGear poll with 611 U.S. respondents, 25.20% thought the E-class is the worst-looking current Mercedes-Benz model. This could be because the latest Mercedes E-Class models have a new facelift that makes them look completely different from the older models. According to Justin T. Westbrook on Jalopnik, the smaller headlights and inverted grille on the current Mercedes E-Class make it look like it's "frowning."

Beyond that, 21.44% of the participants thought the C-Class is the worst-looking current Mercedes-Benz model. The latest 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class incorporates both sporty and luxury design, unlike its predecessors. Another 21.11% think that EQS-Class is not appealing to the eyes. This is probably because it's an electric vehicle that doesn't have the traditional Mercedes-Benz look, especially on the front end's aerodynamic design. However, we took the EQS for a test drive and were impressed by its performance.

The fourth-most chosen model after the EQS-Class is the AMG GT with 18.33%. Unlike most Mercedes-Benz cars on the market, the AMG GT is not built for luxury, but for speed — it's a fusion of a coupe and a roadster. The least chosen Mercedes-Benz model on our poll was the S-Class with 13.91%.