Everything To Know About Lancia's All-Electric Revival

The electric vehicle market has been picking up a lot of steam in the last few years, with everyone from Chevrolet to Ford and even Toyota and Hyundai wanting in on the action. It's easy to see why so many OEMs are getting involved in the all-electric space. Expanding charging infrastructure and advancements in battery technology mean it's easier than ever to deliver a solid value proposition with very few sacrifices to get there. On top of the ever-increasing practicality of all-electric vehicles, regulatory pressure is also mounting, with countries like Canada planning to go all-electric by 2035 and the E.U. announcing plans to outright ban the sale of internal-combustion-engine vehicles by that same year. 

The all-electric deadlines may seem far out, but, as Car and Driver reports, it can take as long as six years to get a vehicle to market from its inception, so imagine how long it could take to pivot an entire production line from ICE to electric. Some brands are also using the switch to electric to reimagine their image and usher in a new look to match the era of electrification. Lancia is an Italian automobile company that's taking this exact approach, according to a recent press release. 

A new logo, design, and an interesting collaboration

Lancia announced its new design direction and increased push for an electric future during its Design Day on November 28, 2022 — an event that the Italian automaker is calling the first event of a new era. A number of new developments were confirmed at the Lancia Design Day. 

Firstly, Lancia has a new logo, which will be the eighth one in its 116-year history. Secondly, Lancia will be taking a new design direction, adopting what it's calling the Pu+Ra design language — short for Pure and Radical. The new design language was exemplified at the Design Day with the unveiling of the Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture that Lancia calls a three-dimensional manifesto. The new design language features a partnership with Italian furniture design company, Cassina, and the collaboration aims to bring cohesion to the interior and exterior of future vehicle designs while providing intuitive controls and technology. 

Finally, Lancia's all-electric future will start in 2024 with the launch of the new Ypsilon, which will be the first vehicle governed by Lancia's new tenets. The company also aims to launch two more vehicles that will drive its electric vision forward between 2024 and 2028, one of which will be the Delta, and the other is a yet-undisclosed flagship vehicle. There should be more information early in January 2023, when the company releases the full short film titled "Lancia, the New Renaissance," for which it also released a trailer during the Design Day event.