Elon Musk Says Alex Jones Isn't Getting His Banned Twitter Account Back

It turns out that Alex Jones is too toxic even for Elon Musk's Twitter. The billionaire and new owner of the microblogging platform recently conducted a poll asking users whether former POTUS and banned user Donald Trump should get his account back, presenting it under the guise of a democratic vote and later indicating it was also a honey pot for surfacing bot accounts. Speculation has abounded for months other which previously-banned users may return to Twitter under its "free speech" transformation.

Trump is back, though he doesn't seem to care much, instead using the attention as an opportunity to trumpet his own Truth Social alternative. Musk soon asked what Twitter should do next, and as many had anticipated, Alex Jones' name was quick to resurface as an account that should be reinstated. However, it seems public fears in this regard were unfounded, as Musk has bluntly said Jones won't be getting his banned Twitter account back.

Twitter's definition of free speech has left some critics unhappy

One of Musk's biggest marketing claims related to his Twitter 2.0 is that it will be a free speech platform — but as many have pointed out, the idea of free speech is nebulous and the definition differs depending on who you ask. Advertisers were quick to hesitate when it came to their future spending on the platform, something that had prompted Musk to complain about a decrease in ad revenue caused by "activists," according to CNBC. However, it seems Musk may have himself to blame for the exodus more than anything, as his ill-conceived Twitter Blue plan went as badly as everyone had anticipated, and multiple major brands were swept up in the parody madness.

Free speech on Twitter isn't quite what some had anticipated — that is, it's not the anything-goes internet wasteland some wanted and others feared. Rather, there are limits on what users can say on Twitter and rules they need to follow, and even if their tweets are allowed to remain, they may not be seen by many people, as Musk has warned there's no "freedom of reach." Alex Jones, however, won't have the opportunity. Musk simply said "no" in response to a tweet asking him to reinstate Alex Jones, triggering a new wave of critical and whiny tweets from users who quickly saw their fantasies about Twitter 2.0 shatter.