Toyota's Next-Gen Prius Reveal May Be Just Around The Corner

The Prius has been Toyota's spearhead into hybrid technology ever since it practically invented the segment over two decades ago. Over the years, the car has evolved from essentially a two-door Toyota Echo with some batteries in the trunk to the current Prius Prime, a plug-in hybrid full of all manner of fuel-sipping gizmos. Prius models have never been known for speed, and the newest one isn't particularly exciting to drive, but it's hard to argue with up to 640 miles to a tank of gas (unless, of course, you're driving an EV).

In 2022, Toyota has been lagging behind in the world of electric-only models, but the brand is still putting its share of blood, sweat, and batteries into the Prius and the hybrid technology that drives it. So far, there have been four total generations of Prius. Today, Toyota is announcing the newest generation of the venerable hybrid. 

Toyota's famed hybrid

Details are scarce about what the fifth generation of Toyota's hybrid mainstay will bring. But Car and Driver reports that Toyota will unveil the upcoming Prius on November 16th at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Toyota is going with the slogan "Hybrid Reborn" for the launch and has only released a handful of images and a silhouette of the yet-to-be-seen fifth-generation Prius. 

So far, there are no pricing details or a release date. For comparison, the current 2022 Prius starts at just over $25,000, and the Prime starts at almost $28,000. Given the shape of the silhouette and the new slogan, the newest Prius likely won't be a pure EV and will be distinctly Prius-shaped. According to Car and Driver, the car will more than likely be out in the flesh and on dealership lots next year. Die-hard Prius fans will have to wait until next week to get the full details.