SlashGear Asks: What's The Worst Current Samsung Smartphone Model? - Exclusive Survey

Having consistently held more than 20% of the global smartphone market for over a decade, Samsung continues to be the world's largest smartphone brand. The Korean smartphone maker's business model relies on the company developing an extensive array of smartphones that cater to a broad audience. This is quite unlike its archrival Apple which only launches a handful of high-end smartphones yearly. As a result, there's a Samsung smartphone available for users with all kinds of budgets.

To make it easier for people to identify the wide array of Samsung smartphones, the company typically classifies its smartphones into various "series." As of 2022, Samsung's flagship smartphone offerings are usually part of the company's S-series lineup. In addition, Samsung also sells its premium, foldable phones under the Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Z Fold series. Until recently, the company also had the large-screened Galaxy Note series, which has since been canned in favor of an expanded Galaxy S lineup. Besides these flagship phones, Samsung also sells devices under the A series (mid-range and upper mid-range), and the Galaxy M series (entry-level and low-end).

Given Samsung's ubiquitousness and how successful the company has been with its smartphones, it seems improbable that the company could end up making bad phones. So to figure out what people really thought of Samsung's 2022 smartphone lineup, we asked them to list what they thought were the worst Samsung smartphones of 2022. The survey did churn out some fascinating results.

Which is the worst Samsung smartphone of 2022?

A sizable majority (24%) of the people who voted in this poll selected the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G as the worst Samsung smartphone of 2022. Launched back in March 2022, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is a typical Samsung mid-range smartphone that is loaded with features. Looking at the specs and the current pricing of the phone, the Galaxy A53 5G does make for an interesting option. But hey, a large percentage of our readers think this is the worst phone Samsung made in 2022! Do you agree?

The rest of the poll results came as a shock for many of us here at Slashgear when it became clear that our readers chose four of Samsung's 2022 flagship-grade devices as the worst Samsung smartphones of 2022. With 22.28% of the votes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 was selected as the second-worst Samsung smartphone of 2022. Looks like our readers did not particularly like the fact that this phone was not a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

In third place was Samsung's bread-and-butter flagship smartphone for 2022 — the Samsung Galaxy S22, with 20.46% of the people voting for its "worst" status. Frankly, we were surprised to see this one make it to this list, given that this phone has earned rave reviews from most tech enthusiasts. Rounding off the list — and taking the fourth and fifth positions, respectively — were the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (19.31%) and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with the latter getting 13.53% of the votes.