Microsoft And Meta Team For Windows 365, Teams, And Xbox Cloud Gaming On Quest VR Headsets

At its Connect 2022 event, Meta announced that it will be teaming up with another tech mega-company: Microsoft. Virtual reality gaming has become a big deal in recent years and developers are coming out with titles on a regular basis. Some of those games are refreshed classics with added VR capabilities like "Resident Evil 4," while others are entirely new games purpose-built for VR like "Bonelabs." 

Today, Meta announced a few more additions to the Meta Quest library, including "Iron Man VR" and "Among Us VR," allowing players to live out their dreams of being Tony Stark or sneaking around a virtual spaceship while trying to not get outed as an imposter. Xbox and VR fans can rejoice as Xbox Cloud Gaming is now coming to the Meta Quest ecosystem. That will allow for streaming from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library right to the headset and for the best gaming experience this side of actually being Master Chief in a "Halo" game. 

Your workplace, now in VR

Meta is touting the new Quest Pro headset as the perfect accessory for the workplace. With the new integration of Microsoft Teams, Meta hopes virtual workplaces will be more involved and collaborative than just ordinary Zoom calls and Teams messages. In addition to Teams, Meta announced compatibility with Microsoft Windows 365. There's nothing quite as exciting as working on a virtual Excel spreadsheet or watching a virtual PowerPoint presentation. 

In addition to the full 365 suite, Meta announced that users can now show up in Microsoft Teams meetings as their Meta avatars. Meta hopes that the integration of Microsoft's array of productivity and work-related software will make virtual meetings feel less distant. At best, virtual collaboration in the meetings of the future will feel a little less isolating. At worst, every office meeting from now on will be accompanied by the blank lifeless computer-generated stares of your virtual coworkers.