GM Energy Rises To Elon Musk's Tesla Challenge

General Motors wants to take the crown from Tesla and be the final word when it comes to EV technology, solving all of the ills and inconveniences associated with EV ownership and charging. As electric vehicles become more advanced and commonplace, the charging infrastructure both at home and in public has a lot of catching up to do. GM's Ultium Charge 360 sought to address the problems with public EV charging networks by not only allowing customers to find and access public chargers but by also launching purpose-built Ultium fast chargers.

When it comes to keeping the lights on during a power outage or during peak energy consumption times, Tesla has an entire line of energy solutions ranging from the Powerwall to an entire solar panel-equipped roof. Today, automotive giant General Motors announced the launch of its own energy solutions program by the name of GM Energy to give Tesla a run for its money and give Ultium customers some more options when it comes to energy usage.

The be-all and end-all of home energy

According to a press release, GM Energy is an entirely new wing of GM consisting of both Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial in addition to Ultium Charge 360. The programs seek to give Ultium owners the latest and greatest in power solutions for their EVs. General Motors claims that GM Energy isn't just a few new apps and home batteries, but a "new energy ecosystem."

GM says the new Ultium services will utilize bi-directional charging, solar panels, hydrogen cells, and a host of other alternative energy sources to ensure that customers only need to consult GM in the future for their energy needs. General Motors also announced that it will team up with solar energy provider SunPower to make future customers' homes a safe haven for EV vehicles through a connected network of solar panels, home batteries, and Ultium vehicles themselves. That system will launch with the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV. 

Within the press release, GM states that it has joined forces with energy companies all over the U.S. to streamline the process. GM's vice president of EV Growth Operations Travis Hester says, "GM Energy's mission is to offer customers access to a full suite of energy products and services, including solutions beyond the vehicle, accelerating the seamless transition to an all-electric future."